Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Mini-Moon ♥.

On Sunday we hitched a ride got dropped off at our mini-moon destination, the Hilton near the Gaslamp Quarter close to downtown San Diego and right on the bay that is also named for the city. 
We stayed here last summer for a wedding {that of the daughter of our hosts, actually!} and it's a really fun location. There are many boats in the marinas right in the bay and there's a fun shopping/touristy area within walking distance.
This is the view from out 17th floor room. The bridge connects to Coronado Island which isn't technically an island rather just a peninsula but it's easier to take the bridge than drive all the way around.The morning fog made for a scenic view.
We took the walkway from the Hilton to the aforementioned Gaslamp; the bridge is very futuristic looking. We walked along it.
We had a delicious dinner at a Chinese/Asian fusion place followed up by Pinkberry {which I normally disdain but they had this peanut butter & jelly concoction which drew me in and still has me wanting more [I actually did get some today after our 20 miles...that and an Italian sandwich and 4 tacos; HA!]}.
On Monday morning we went for a quick run along the bay and checked out the USS Midway. Brunch buffet at the hotel was followed up by a lovely nap, lounging by the pool and some perusing of the shops. This HUGE cargo boat was docked outside of our hotel the whole time we were there. 
This is Seaport Village which has so many funky stores including "The Little Viking" and one of those year-round Christmas shops {I LOVE those}.
Mike and I have a tradition {albeit rather new considering we started it just last year right after we got engaged} of getting a Christmas ornament for us as a couple. For 2010 we had a bride/groom one for us since we we saw a pretty one and a Hawaii one since we went there. We picked up a maritime Santa ornament that says "San Diego 2011" for this year. I'll put up a picture of him later maybe.
The day ended with another lovely dinner with our hosts and an 85 minute plane ride home. We had a fantabulous time on our little getaway and really enjoyed all the time with our hosts. Thank you so much to them again and to my Mr. Mikey for a wonderful weekend ♥.
Today we, as mentioned above, ran 20 miles in San Francisco. 20 is the highest distance in my training plan and we'll do it two more times in the next five weeks before we begin the taper that leads up to our early December marathon. I'll explain what the "taper" is as well as which race we're doing and why later this week probably; I'm sure it all sounds foreign unless you're cu-coo like we are.
Happy Saturday to you all!
xoxo, natty ♥


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