Friday, October 7, 2011

My friend Rebecca.

Regarding the crossword caper; I fell asleep half-way through the first one so you, dear reader, are justly spared from pictures of my puzzling. You're so very welcome.
I want to talk about my friend Becs. I most specifically want to publish, officially, on the interwebs a GOOD LUCK! She's an amazing friend and and amazing runner. Rebecca is SO super dedicated to not just the sport of running but the art of it {please forgive the superlatives [written ones as well as the underlining/italics emphasis] friends just bring them out of me}. 

We first met in cross country running our sophomore year of college, along with a couple of other hooligans ;) {YOU know I'm talking about you...wink...wink...}. I have since been extremely grateful for and amazed by the fortuitous luck of our meeting and subsequent friendships. 
Me, Rebecca, Emily, Fence ♥

These girls have been wonderful friends, partners in crime and touchstones for me since 2003.

Becs is running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and has put some very, extremely dedicated miles and preparation into this race. It's by no means her first 26.2 and I can guarantee you that it won't be her last. But 26.2 miles is still 26.2 miles a.k.a. really freaking long. I've been thinking of her all week and sending her way healthy, fast and most importantly, POSITIVE vibes.
Rebecca, you're going to have such a great run on Sunday!! The city will be BEAUTIFUL, there will be many fun dogs and funny people along the route and pretty leaves as well. Enjoy every minute of it as well as the deep dish pizza you'll reward yourself with afterward.
Have a great race sweet girl!!! We {you know to whom I refer [E & E (and Guinness, of course)]} love you so much and will be with you in spirit through those miles!
xoxo, natty ♥


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