Friday, October 7, 2011


I love crossword puzzles. Along with Jeopardy and cats. There, I said it all and have officially come out {not really} as a dorkasaurus. I'm a big fan of actually being able to do crosswords, though, so I am subsequently a huge fan of the Monday puzzle. Yea!
When the school year starts I kind of have to put my habit on hold since I'm doing so much teaching/grading/running/cooking/lunch-preparing/lesson planning but every few weeks or so I remember to snag the Monday section to save for a free hour during the week.
The Chronicle has the puzzles in their Datebook section.

First I check out Dear Abby and Miss Manners.
I make sure to peruse my favorite comics.
Then not one but two crosswords!
I also LOOOOOVEEEEEEE the Jumble.

The Jumble, though, is an entirely separate post. Mostly considering that it includes a daily pun; how awesome is that? SO AWESOME!
Here's to Friday tomorrow!
By the way, I'm planning on tackling those crosswords after I post this...perhaps I'll dip to a new low and take a picture of those {semi-}completed puzzles for you all tomorrow.
xoxo, natty ♥


Laurenita said...

I love that you incorporated the word "dorkasaurus" into your blog!!

Nathalia said...

It sounded more professional than "dorkus malorkus".

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