Tuesday, August 5, 2014

20 weeks.

First off, a VERY happy birthday to my beautiful fountain of love Ellie-Fence. The past 11 years are so much sweeter for your presence in them. We love you dearly and completely. Thank you for being such a great aunt to our little Hanna bear

I'm thoroughly enjoying my last weeks at home with baby Hanna though we're still recovering from the weekend away...a bit more about little Lu this week!
  • Blowing lots of "raspberries" and bubbles...so CUTE.
  • Visited the midwest...where her parents first met! Baby flew quite well but it certainly didn't hurt that the flight was less than two hours each way.
  • Got to meet lots of college friends and her aunt Ellie this past weekend in Milwaukee.
  • Went to her first wedding; didn't get to dance because she fell asleep and slept in her stroller for the majority of the reception.
  • Had her first stay in a hotel...it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and she even slept a portion of each night in the pack n' play. 
  • Rolled over from her back to her tummy...this happened last week while wearing a disposable diaper which is much less bulky than her cloth diapers and I think that's why she tipped right over, though it did take her a few minutes to bring her arm up and around.
  • Speaking of, the little one had many outfit changes due to inadequate diapers...I've read that it means a diaper is too small if there is continued "escapage" but she's not in the weight bracket for the next size up and we've successfully used this brand before so I don't think it's shoddy diapers...maybe she would need the next size up then?!
  • Drooling lots; it's a good idea to keep a bib on her at all times especially if she's going to be taking a bottle. I'd always thought that drooling is a sign of teething but the pediatrician says that it's just a thing that babies do plus I see no signs of chompers, though I certainly look each day!
  • Really enjoys frozen milk; I've made little ice cubes of breastmilk and I'll put one into a mesh feeder {a thing for babies - a mesh pouch with a rubbery handle so that babies can gum on things, usually chunks of food/fruit/veggies, but I thought that frozen milk would be enjoyable as well and I was right!}...
           the little bit makes such a desperate face if I pull the thing away! Her 
           hand-eye coordination is OK and she can often get it into her mouth on her 
           own but doesn't always and gets frustrated when that happens.
  • We just can't get enough of this cutie! Even when she's crying at 12:30 AM...
  • Edited to add: lots of "creaky door" sounds; this child seriously needs some WD40!! And she's totally grabbing for things, especially if we have a glass or bottle in our hands, she goes right for it...this includes lots of interest in our food if she's with us eating. We're going to hold off on food for her until another month or so so that's why I thought it'd be fun for her to have the frozen snack mentioned above...and I was right!
xoxo, natty


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