Monday, August 18, 2014

There goes the adrenaline.

Today marked a few things; I returned to work after a five and half month long maternity leave, I had to use my brain for non-baby related things, and our baby went to daycare for the first time. It was all OK and whatever until I put said baby to bed and things settled a bit and, to be honest, I started to rage at the world about my perceived personal injustices...why families are separated, why there isn't a year-long maternity/paternity leave situation in our country, why we haven't won the lottery several times over, why my job is so exhausting, etc. I had been fighting those negative feelings all afternoon and had been doing alright but I gave in and really felt awful. Michael left to play soccer and I wallowed for a bit. Then I had to get into action to start the tedious process of getting ready for the next day. Which, when I think about it, is actually a privilege. It all is, truly.
Today's Costco pick-up...girl really needs legs on her jammies since she tends to hold onto/scratch her legs while falling asleep? Plus...KITTY CAT FOOTIE FLEECE JAMMIES.

1. We have a beautiful and growing daughter. She's currently wearing footie pajamas and in the next room over and our love for her is so overwhelming it's painful. And she can frustrate the heck out of us at times...still a privilege.

2. I have a job at a good school with good coworkers and students and really good health insurance.

3. We have amazing family and friends.

4. We live in a vibrant and diverse area of the country.

5. Education and the pursuit of knowledge {& trashy celebrity gossip...#balance} is valuable in our little is freedom to pursue whatever piques our interest.

6. Let's continue...

7. I had an amazing time "at-home" with our daughter...we got to spend really quality time with family in California and Arizona, we got to know each other and grow together, and we learned so much.

8. Free lunch at work! Yippee! 

9. Said lunch includes dessert.

Are you ever able to overcome or overpower those doldrums Reader? Do you give in for a bit before you can stomp all over them? And do you LOVE being buoyed by the positive thoughts and joy there is in life?
xoxo, natty ♥


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