Monday, August 25, 2014

It's seriously Monday???

What a truly lovely weekend we had...a bit more about what's going on:

1. Our little sweet thing started to snack on some rice cereal yesterday. I'm a big fan of the idea of babies getting to feed themselves food {as opposed to being spoon-fed}but grandparents were in town, we're not quite ready for the real food yet, and the pediatrician mentioned rice cereal as an option to start. Yesterday she let it all fall out of her mouth because I made it very watery.
Today we mixed it a bit thicker and some more stayed in. But the real joy was how INTO it she was...the babe kept asking for more, in her own little way. 

2. This afternoon I got to shake the president's hand in his Oval Office. No details as to why, just an opportunity that opened up. It was pretty amazing and all politics aside, I think it's an honor to shake a leader's hand. Baby Lu, unfortunately, was not invited. I'm sure she'll love that fact when she's older.

3. Mikey's parents were here through tomorrow morning for said presidential hand-shaking. I was really happy to see them spend time with baby Melamed and wish my family were able to sneak in a quick visit sometime soon...can anyone come out here?!?!?!

4. This morning afforded us a bit of a sleep-in since I took off the day to go to 1600 Pennsylvania...OH GOSH oh quickly things change when returning to work.

5. That small child I keep referencing crawled today. It wasn't the traditional baby crawl, more of an army/inch-worm movement but oh my goodness I daresay it's a bit early for this? Her little knees were so red but we were all so proud.

I hope that you're having a good week Reader. I'm looking forward to feeling better than I did last week as well as having a fun weekend trip planned.
xoxo, natty ♥


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