Sunday, August 10, 2014

They grow up so quickly.

Tonight I sold our baby's bassinet.

She has obviously grown out of it and we have no space to store it so it was time. Plus, if we have more kiddos I have my eyes set on something else as the before-crib/pack n' play option {the rock n' play to be specific - more compact and cozier for a newborn in my opinion [we had a chance to use one when we were in Arizona earlier this summer]}.
Baby hasn't put on much poundage since she was born {maybe five pounds in five months} but she looks SO wee to me in this picture. And ooooooohhhhhhhhh how I adore that profile.
But I was a bit sad to say "bye bye"; our little one slept in this thing for her first three months. Those were heady weeks, I'll tell you that much!

In other "moving on" news, we finally passed on the keys to our old place tonight; we hadn't been in that apartment for weeks now but the new tenants are about to move in and need the keys; those keys saw us through two crazy years. So, let's look forward to the next two crazy years?!
xoxo, natty 


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