Tuesday, August 19, 2014

22 weeks.

I made a lot of updates in yesterday's post but let's still think about being 22 weeks old, after all, it only happens once.
Kiddo tucks in her chin making it look like she has no neck; Uncle Fester Baby Hanna! {Any Addams Family fans out there?!} Also...I think it's safe to say that baby Lu will not have long dancer's legs? Maybe shorter soccer player legs? Long or short, I love every inch of them.
  • Making wonderful screeching, gooing, cooing sounds.
  • Goes to daycare from about 7 to 4 each day; I'm trying to remain positive about this but I miss her SO much during the day.
  • Is still into her binkies.
  • Still loves her playmat friends.
  • Is a rolling over MACHINE...she usually sleeps on her tummy {rolls over almost immediately after being placed on her back}.
  • Was taking mostly bottles during the day last week...now that's all she has during the day and gets to nurse right before bed some days and always in the middle of the night.
  • Is exploring with some new sounds, especially this hilarious hissing sort of sound. There's a bit of a consonant in there {"g"?}. I love it.
  • Thinks her "brother" is hilarious and loves the feel of his scratchy fur.
         She really does enjoy looking at this pooch and even laughs at him.
         He loves to lick her face and she winces now even if he just walks towards her...
That whorl of hair kills me.
         and though the hound is quite fond of the little one, he's still is own man and
         can walk away if and when he wants.
  • Took some GREAT naps last week; I'm not sure how well that's going at daycare now but she gets a little "report" card each day and yesterday {her first day} said she took a couple of good ones.
  • Got to lick a piece of a cucumber {thank you daddy} and really showed no reaction.
  • Sits happily in her little highchair; it clips on to the edge of our island counter {which we use as our "table"}.
  • Is more and more interested in what we're drinking or eating.
  • Really enjoys the little crab toy on her exersaucer; she sucks on his ribbon legs.
  • Adores Dolly Baby.
  • Likes to scratch/feel things. I always think she might want something to hold onto because her hand opens and shuts but she never holds onto something for very long, I think she just likes the feeling of things.
  • Is getting pretty good at sitting up for a few seconds on her own...as seen below:
         right before I let her topple over and hit her head on the hard floor. Baby and I
         cried together; it was awful.
  • Is our light and joy - we LOVE this kid so much.

xoxo, natty ♥


Laurenita said...

I keep meaning to comment so today I will. Love her expressions and leg rolls! Sending you "beginning of school and daycare" good vibes. And I totally misread binkies as bikinis, ha!

Nathalia Melamed said...

Thanks Lauren =) I adore each and every leg roll! No bikinis yet, just a one-piece!

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