Tuesday, August 26, 2014

23 weeks.

It was a big week for our little girl...let's look at the deets:
  • An impromptu visit with Grandma and Zaide! They got to do the bedtime routine for two nights and Hanna Lu was very happy in their company; very vocal too with lots of shrieking!
  • The baby experienced her first Maryland crab feed, though vicariously, obviously.
  • Baby tried rice cereal for the first time; though not all of it stayed in our daughter seemed QUITE the fan. I made it thicker yesterday than the day before and thicker tonight than yesterday. Tonight Ms. Lu even ate way more than the first two times.
  • Our child kind of crawled; she pulled herself forward on her tummy and it was ever-so-deliberate. This was yesterday and the little stinker would not perform for us today but my goodness what a thrill! Her poor little knees get red when this happens and I guess I could put her in pants every day or start using those cute baby leg warmers we got. Today's activity was that HL would roll over to one side instead of inching forward and then not roll back. 
  • Has shown a renewed interest in her feet...especially while in the bath!
  • Hanna Lu had a new babysitter, a friend of ours, while we were out and about.
  • We're still going to daycare each day. She hasn't gotten sick yet but I feel a tickle in my throat and imagine there's something around the corner for either or both of us.
  • I have a work obligation one night this week so Daddy will do bedtime on his own for the first time and we're also looking forward to a weekend with friends.


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