Friday, August 8, 2014

Each and every one.

As I mentioned in a much prior post, our dishwasher in the old apartment stopped doing its thing so well. It was either the dishwasher or lack of really hot water or a combination of the two but after the baby was born things stated being really cloudy, and it wasn't just from lack of sleep {har har}. 

We got the hot water heater replaced but things still weren't great. Upon moving into our new place and getting a new dishwasher, I was hopeful, but realized that either 1} our glass-ware might be "etched" and the cloudiness could be permanent or 2} I'd have to do some serious scrubbing before I could reap the benefits of our more efficient dishwasher/hot water combination. I tried out hot water/white vinegar/baking soda on a few glasses early on and it seemed to improve things. Meanwhile, the rest of our glasses and plates, etc., remained shady and life got busy. Earlier today I soaked some clean things in that aforementioned concoction, then I hand washed them tonight and voila! {Or "voula" as a local dry-cleaner has painted on the side of their gets me every.time...}...I can see clearly now!
Great success.
But, I think this means that every afflicted member of our kitchen "staff" needs some hands-on attention. Something that I can only predict will happen gradually.

Oh well! At least it ain't permanent and I don't have to break out the Barkeeper's friend {that stuff is pungent!}.
xoxo, natty ♥


Rebecca said...

Neat!! I have a few glassware items I want to try this on!

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