Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting there.

I think this gets better {leaving my child in the care of someone who isn't me or her father} each day. 

I'm not dwelling on it too much because then I go back on the thought of "I think this gets better?". Today I felt some glimmers of hope, throughout intermittent tearing up, that these feeling of despair will improve. I was just SO happy to be at home with her. SO SO happy. And now I get a few hours a day when she's not sleeping.

In other happier news, I love that baby of mine SO much and I'm extremely lucky that I had such a great time at home with her. It's interesting, the first six weeks of our baby's life were extremely challenging for me {health issues, normal baby fussiness, etc.} and I was experiencing feelings of fear {that she wouldn't sleep? That I would be SO SO tired? - so odd these fears were always in never screamed for an entire tired as I was I was alwas able to muddle through [something I'm revisiting as I go back to my job]} but there was a point in May where I stopped being afraid and things started to go on the up and up; they're still going up and it's amazing just how much we all progressed.

This week has been TOUGH on me. Our baby seems alright, though we've had some disruption to our sleeping pattern and I think that's normal when her whole routine is now different. Having less of a commute is wonderful. And, again, I had more time at home with our kiddo than many women do and for that I'm beyond grateful. Plus, I get a week at Thanksgiving, two at Christmas, one at Easter {would I exchange this all for going back to work a month later? Or having summer break start a month earlier?}, and the entirety of next summer to look forward to...also much more than most folks. Lucky me ♥.

Here's to Friday and an impromptu visit from my easy feat when they live across our large country!
xoxo, natty ♥


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