Tuesday, August 12, 2014

21 weeks.

Our maternity leave together has flown by. Unfortunately, the school year always does too {even though at times it drags on for even the most energetic individuals} so we're staring down the barrel of a rapidly diminishing babyhood...but at least things just get funner and funner with our little one.

In other news, before this week's update, tonight's agenda post-baby-bedtime includes watching "Hook" on Netflix. I hadn't ever thought about how many of my favorite childhood/teenhood movies star Robin Williams. I'd love to watch "Dead Poets Society", actually, since hearing/seeing the recent Apple ad with the iconic speech awakened a yen in me, but it's not streaming on good ole red envelope and it costs $$$ to watch on Amazon {though I'll probably give in soon} ."Hook", though, is one of my favorites. My grandmother took me and my best friend to see it and we ate at Bob's Big Boy diner beforehand. We actually saw it at one of the domes on Winchester Boulevard for you San Jose-ians out there. I then proceeded to watch my VHS of that movie over and over again for who knows how many years. I think "Mrs. Doubtfire" may have to make an appearance soon too because, at ten years old, I thought it was HILARIOUS. Anyway, we've been thinking fond thoughts of Mr. Williams around here since yesterday and are grateful for all the laughs through the years.

And, baby...this seems like it's been a big week development-wise:
  • Major drooling this week, though I still see no real sign of teeth. She also started sucking on her bottom lip, as of this afternoon, like, pulling it into her mouth. She looks hilariously like a person who has taken out his or her dentures when she does this.
  • We have a major roller on our hands now. Since last Saturday the kid has been turning over a storm. Even though she had been doing tummy to back since she was two months old, when she arrives at her tummy she gets pretty upset and wants back from whence she came.
So hopefully soon she'll figure out she can indeed go both ways and isn't stuck!
  • And sometimes she sleeps on her side/tummy. This kind of freaked us out the first time and we're still not comfy with it since she kind of puts her face down. But, she has great neck control and just rolls herself back to her tummy if we put her on her back so cest la vie.
  • Little girl is taking mostly bottles throughout the day now; I'll nurse her right when she "wakes up" {which is kind of nebulous because I always try to get her to go back to sleep when she wakens in the morning...mostly for my selfish sleep desires}, if she wakes up to eat in the night, and right before bed time, but I've been giving her bottles of expressed milk in the day. I daresay she might be wanting more than I can make for her {she took an eight ounce bottle this morning and then an almost seven ounce one three hours later} but while she sleeps overnight I pump so I can always use that "extra". I'd rather not supplement with formula, though it would be totally OK if we do since it wouldn't be that much extra {I'm cheap, that's partially why breastfeeding is so great}.
  • She might be teething since she's been a bit fussy/easily "bored". I say "fussy" because if she's playing with something she's totally digging {her "dolly baby" is her fave} and she drops it or it's taken away, there's an unhappy baby. 
Meet "Dolly Baby".
         This is kind of hilarious and cute because it's new but I'm sure this routine
         will get old soon.
  • She majorly grabs for anything we're drinking from. It's funny because she was so adverse to eating and the bottle when she was younger but now wants to drink from everything.
  • Has taken naps a wee bit more easy {we got a two-hour-er earlier today} but this isn't always the case {she's currently screaming through her "nap"}.
  • Got her sleep a bit back on track after our trip last weekend but then for several nights was waking at around midnight {she had been going from seven PM to around three or four [even six one day]} then going back to her old ways of up every couple of hours afterwards and we were not loving that. Current efforts to help her remember how to self-soothe are in full force.
  • LOVES the dog; she really likes grabbing his fur and though we watch vigilantly for no reason other than being cautious, Guinness has been nothing but the gentleman with her.
  • Will try daycare for the first time either this Friday {for a dry-run} or next Monday {for reals}; wish us luck!
Edited to add {I"m always remembering something later in the day!!!} -  
  • Little girl seems to have more and more {light?!} hair each day...I'm loving it especially because she still rocks her mullet.
  • Hanna Lu is majorly into grabbing/reaching for things if we put them in front of her...most specifically when it's dolly baby or a bottle. She's also been really into our water bottles/anything we're drinking. She's showing interest in what we eat if we eat in front of her, but not as much as the drinks. 
xoxo, natty ♥


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