Friday, December 6, 2013

27 weeks.

We’re lurching forward towards Christmas {19 days to go!} and we’re also moving forward in this pregnancy. I’ve been a bit grumbly about things this week but I’m truly loving this time. It’s so amazing to feel her move around and know that there’s a whole lot of excitement ahead of us.

On to the update!
How far along: 27 weeks

Symptoms: Being able to smell things really strongly came back alluvasudden this week. I’m sitting on the couch and the bowl Mike at his salad out of REEKS of salad dressing.

The bosom feels sore again, I get full really quickly, and I’ve been quite tired this week.

The main symptom I’ve had this week, though, has been that my feet are killing me; it’s the soles of my feet and they start to hurt after about half an hour of being on them, no matter which shoes I wear. The doctor said that this happens to some women and that, unfortunately, it only worsens in breastfeeding. It can be a combination of weight gain {which would alleviate it after giving birth and nursing wouldn’t make it worse}, hormones that cause relaxation {which could very well mean it stays bad/gets worse}, and just the mysteries of pregnancy.

I’ve been quite hungry this week. Like, really hungry. I’m still craving straight meat but several nights this week I’ve had a snack that involves peanut butter since there’s no extra meat laying around and I know my body/our baby is requesting protein.

I don’t like how complainey this sounds but I suppose these are just this week’s symptoms.

Wait gain: 159. And it’s no longer the week after Thanksgiving. BUT! But this is after tonight’s epic water drinking extravaganza {see below} and dinner. But still, that’s almost 35 pounds which is the high end of weight gain recommendations for all of pregnancy. Oh well?

Size of baby: so I was wrong last week…week 27 – a rutabaga and a scallion. Week 28 – an eggplant and a head of cauliflower. These comparisons are ridiculous!
And they keep flip-flopping, what one website says one week is what the other will say a week or two later, or vice-versa! 

Exercise: I got in a three mile walk earlier this week.

Milestones: we got ourselves a car seat {thanks Grand Bill & Betty}! It’s weird seeing it in the apartment {we live in a one-bedroom apartment and there’s no hiding anything unless it’s clothing}; I keep thinking it’s someone else’s. We need to figure it out, of course, and get it in the car but we hopefully have a long time to do that.  

We also made our first wardrobe purchases for this child; I realized we weren’t ever going to be near a store together {maybe during our time in California or Arizona} and Gap had a really good sale online so I showed Mike a few things to get his OK. When they arrived, he didn’t even remember the exchange. So maybe he won’t be in charge of picking out her outfits.

What I miss
: nothing =)

Sex: still Miss Melamed!

Movement: some good kicks and what feels like rolling around. There are also these weird things she does where it feels like the hands of ten little elves tapping up against my insides but what in the world could she be doing to cause this?

Also, I hadn’t written it here before but Mike has been able to feel her kicks for quite a while now. He still says they’re just gas.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I’ve had some cramping this week, “time-of-the-month” style cramping. It’s all been light and very sporadic but I decided to call the midwives {there’s a BBC reference for you fellow fans!} this evening and was told to drink three glasses of water and rest for an hour; if they were still happening then I should go in. That was a couple of hours ago, I’ve been to the bathroom SO many times, I think they’re gone, and I don’t think I’ll call in again tonight.

I’ll monitor this through the weekend, like the midwife said to, and if it’s still happening sporadically, then I’ll call them back on Monday and hopefully get seen. Also, I’m switched over to the midwives {yippee!} but since I haven’t had my first appointment there yet, I’m in a weird limbo. The one I spoke with was very nice and it’s so nice to be able to call.  

Sleep: not great. I wake up for the bathroom or because my hips hurt really badly. I’m supposed to sleep on my sides, not on my back and the belly is obviously out for now, but if I don’t lay at an angle I get horrible hip pain and almost need to get up and stretch. I haven’t been using my Snoogle very religiously {I normally just prop up myself with my regular pillows} but I may give it a try.

Goals: drink way more water to avoid these cramps. NOT have to go into the hospital because of these cramps.

Random: I’m SO excited for our upcoming baby showers!!! We got an invitation for one today, an extremely adorable invitation {!} and it made me so happy.

xoxo, natty ♥


Laurenita said...

10 little elves could be hiccups... When she's bigger you'll totally notice! Hope you're feeling ok and rest this weekend :)

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