Saturday, December 14, 2013

Trees and lights.

Today we got to go look around the White House Christmas Open House {many happy thanks to our hook-up who got us in!!!}.

The entrance was pretty metallics and purple.
I look worried. I'm not.
There's always a nice program that explains each room.
My favorite part was Bo and Sunny.
You can't tell in the picture but their tales were wagging.
Bo has white feeties, Sunny does not.
There was a book tree opposite from where the doggies hang out.
I like the massive Lincoln bust photobombing the tree.
We enjoyed the main tree; it's so tall! It has decorations made my children living on military bases.
The best part of this tree was a cross-stitch of all the United States in the shape of a heart - it was dark already so it's not super easy to see.
The annual gingerbread house was neat - this year it's build on top of an all-cookie fireplace with {cookie} tiles meant to mimic those on FDR's official fireplace. The whole effect is to evoke his fireside chats.
Here's last year's gingerbread house.
It was a really fun tour and we topped it off with a shot under the presidential seal.
And here's last year, for some reference.
That pretty orange tunic won't fit me any more.
In scrolling through 2012's White House Christmas pictures I'm realizing that I like last year's decorations better; they were more colorful and vibrant {a fruit garland and a rainbow hued tree amongst them} while this year was pretty traditional. There's nothing wrong with tried and true fancy decorations but my eyes are more drawn to bursts of color {& fruit}. Both years were fabulous, though, don't get me wrong!

Have you done any holiday sight-seeing? Christmas in the Park if you're back in San Jose? Lights viewing from a warm car?
xoxo, natty ♥


Rebecca said...

I love this whole post! The dogs, the states in a heart, the gingerbread house, the book tree!

Nathalia Melamed said...

Had the two of us been on tour together, since it's self-guided, we'd probably still be in there oohing over the dogs and books.

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