Friday, December 13, 2013

28 weeks.

Snow and ice days graced our area in the past week. I’m gearing up for mid-terms at school and Mike’s finishing up his second to last semester of graduate school {way to go sweetie; you’ve been working SO hard!!!} which all bring us to 28 weeks!
It was red and green day at school today.
How far along: 28 weeks

Symptoms: My upper back pain has returned with a vengeance. Oh my goodness. It starts in earnest which at school then the car ride home exacerbates it. Laying on the couch hasn’t been helping…usually laying on my side for a bit seems to let it ease up but man oh man it’s killing me {can you tell it hurts right now?!}.

No more cramping this week; yea! But I’ve been drinking a TON of water.

I’m not as hungry as before but it’s not because I’m feeling full rather I feel kind of queasy. But it’s not the queasiness I’ve felt like pregnant; it’s just a tummy-ache type of yuckiness. So who knows?!

I’m feeling big and leaning down/over isn’t easy.

My feeties feel a bit bigger which isn’t very exciting.

I actually took off my wedding/engagement rings because my hands felt bigger one night but I think I was just having a swollen sort of day since they’ve been totally normal since then. I’m too afraid to put my rings back on, though, because I have a fear of my fingers getting too big and then how would we get off the rings?!!?

Wait gain: 159 still. I actually weighed myself at some point in the week and I was at153 so me thinks it’s because last week {& this week} I stepped on the scale in the afternoon after eating and drinking all day {like a normal [pregnant] person, not in some bacchanalian sort of way}.

Size of baby: apparently I was wrong again?! Both websites say that she’s an eggplant this week.

Exercise: Lots of couch surfing while doing work.

Milestones: little girl now has a place to lay her head; my mom very kindly gifted a pack-and-play {thank you so much Mama!}. Since we’re in a one-bedroom apartment that’s not that big of one-bedroom, we’re holding off on getting a crib for le bebé and the pack-and-play seems to be the best option for now.

What I miss
: nothing =)

Sex: girl girl girl…stealing away her mother’s beauty; my skin has not been a good thing this pregnancy but then again I’ve never had a wonderfully clear complexion.

Movement: yup! She’s starting to give me some movement that is stronger and stronger…a few times she almost takes my breath away – it doesn’t quite hurt but it almost does.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I’m still concerned about the traveling I’ve got ahead of me in the next few weeks. I’ll ask the midwife about it all at my appointment this upcoming week.

Sleep: waking up every few hours for the baño. I’ve also had this gross thing where I wake up with a start because it feels like I’m starting to throw up. Then I wake up and I’m fine because I sit up. Gross gross gross. Another gross thing? {I’m trying to not feel bad but remember that this is a place for me to remember what’s going on during this pregnancy =)} I’m drooling so much at night – I’ve heard that some women have a lot more saliva when pregnant. I’m also snoring some. Sorry Mike.

Goals: continue to drink a lot of water, get my mid terms graded so I don’t have to do that work over break, maybe start to think about the work and plans I can leave for my maternity substitute, get thinking about Christmas gifts.

Random: we’re so excited and happy to go to California and Arizona!!!!!

xoxo, natty ♥


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