Thursday, December 19, 2013

FIrst group meeting.

Today I had my first group meeting at the Birth Center. They employ somewhat of a group care model for their prenatal patients that starts at around 25 weeks {I came in a couple sessions later than the women who started}.

The women who are due in the same month start to meet once every other week for a check-up with the midwife as well as a class, each one with a different topic. It's hard to picture but each session is two hours and for the first hour a lactation consultant begins the lesson while a midwife takes each of us aside for a quick check up/heartbeat hearing/etc.

I'm really excited about this since I get to meet other women due around the same time who are also interested in a midwife/birth center experience, plus I get this great prenatal curriculum without having to seek it out/pay for it.

Plus there are snacks. And a week where we plaster our bellies and make a cast to paint. You better believe Daddy's gonna be involved in that one.

Today's topic was the mechanics of breastfeeding, part I, circumcision, and the birth center vs. the hospital {they do have admitting rights at a near-by hospital and some women choose/need to give birth there}.

I'm glad I made this transition and am meeting other mamas and learning new things in a small group setting, my preferred method of taking in information.

I also got this folder that explains what size our baby is.
I love the reminiscent of the 80s clothing/earring outline.

xoxo, natty ♥


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