Friday, December 27, 2013

30 weeks.

Ahhhhhh this feels SO good. I’m smack dab in the middle of break and loving every minute of it. And I’m also officially into the last 10-week {hopefully!!} stretch of this pregnancy; how did THAT happen? But it certainly does feel good to say I’m 30 weeks pregnant.
Bathroom selfie since my photographer is already with his family in Arizona.
How far along: 30 weeks

Symptoms: Things have been quite nice this week and I’m going to say it’s because I haven’t had to teach a.k.a. be on my feet for any extended period of time. My upper back has only hurt when I lay on one side for too long and my feeties have given me nothing but leisurely walks around the neighborhood. Body-ache wise, other than that I’ve been pooped in the evenings but I dare say it’s just jet lag thanks to the three hour time difference.

I haven’t felt super thrilled about eating at various {& random times}; I’ll be hungry and not feel queasy at all but I’ll almost feel ill at the thought of food. But I eat anyway and I’m glad that I do. Oddly enough, I have been feeling super hungry this week. I’m not sure if the little one is growing a bit more or if it's because I don’t have the lovely dining hall at work for lost of lunching.

I’m still getting this weird tingly feeling at the top of my ribs. It’s an odd sensation and definitely not on my skin so I think, as I mentioned last week, that it has to do with stretching and a possibly tweaked nerve somewhere in there.

Wait gain: So I’m at 160 finally {who's ever going to enjoy saying THAT?}. But this isn’t on my usual scale and it was after a big dinner so I’m guessing I’m still somewhere around 159. I’m pretty sure I actually lost weight this week {see: no dining hall and we oddly haven’t been eating very many big meals, despite the holiday} and I want to make sure that this bun in the oven gets big and curvy {not for my own personal delivery ease, obviously, I just want her to be a fat and healthy bebé}.

Size of baby: it’s weird this week {isn’t it always?} – a cucumber or a head of cabbage!

Exercise: some easy walks. Not what I had hoped for this break but the days have been busy. Hopefully when I get to Arizona things will slow a bit and we’ll find time for longer constitutionals.

Milestones: I had a beautiful first baby shower last Sunday. It was wonderful and oh-so-nice, thanks to my darling aunt and grandmother. Little bit scored herself some very cute outfits as well as a neat set of alphabet cards – each guest decorated a card with a certain letter on it and my aunt will laminate them.

I also got to see everyone here which is great because the last time I did I didn’t look pregnant at all {though I certainly felt it} and the next time I see most people here there will be an outside baby to pass around.

What I miss
: nothing =)

Sex: GIRL!

Movement: she’s still going at it and most everyone at home in California has gotten a change to feel her move.
The weirdest/coolest thing is seeing my belly go up and down; she’ll be so obviously on one side of me and be pushing out while the other side of the tummy dents in a bit. I haven’t seen any body parts yet – I don’t think that necessarily happens to everyone. I can tell you that I can feel either a head or a bum, it’s hard and roundish so I think it must be her noggin.

She still very obviously favors my right side and she most definitely is still in an oblique position {kind of diagonal} which is not what her mama wants. But she has time to move into head-down which is what I do want.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: Last week’s flight went well, though I was just sore the whole time. I fly again tomorrow though it’s a much shorter flight and my dad will be driving to Arizona so the doggy’s hitching a car ride which means I can drink as much water as I want and not worry about dragging a dachshund to the airplane bathroom with me every 25 minutes. Too bad this is the short flight.

I’m also concerned about the baby’s placement; I really do want her in the right position, not in some odd placement like she is now. The midwife seemed completely nonplussed about it and my feelings/concerns are completely self-inflicted so I should take a page out of her book and relax.

I also started thinking about childbirth classes and after some research of what’s available in our next of the woods think that we might end up just reading some books. I’m pretty smitten with Ina May Gaskin’s writings and may add in the Bradley method book or the Hypnobirthing book, but I kind of like the midwife from Tennessee’s words. I just have to hope that Mikey can find some time to sit down and read through them. I felt a bit freaked out realizing that a class probably won’t work in our schedule or budget but I’m really not, I think I feel more at peace about reading up on things and having the midwife/midwives to help.

Sleep: this is sad; it’s been good since my husband left California. The bed we get to sleep in here is a full. It’s great to have a bed! But we’re used to a queen and for me these days, I sleep best when I can stretch spread out. But our bed in Arizona is much bigger PLUS I get my hubby back so I’ll be a happy camper sleeper.

Goals: drink water, eat, walk a lot, rest, enjoy the next week and usher in 2014!

Random: we’ve had SUCH a good time in California. I don’t leave until later tomorrow evening so I still get a full day here, which is lovely. The weather has been unseasonably warm and visiting with family is one of the things I miss most living in DC – I’m really grateful for this time here.

xoxo, natty ♥


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