Monday, December 23, 2013

Fog on the water.

Today we took advantage of our location {how did we not drive over to the coast at every possible chance when we lived here? It's only half an hour away! } and drove over to the Pacific to try out our snazzy new Christmas/next several birthdays-present camera. 
Internets are slow in the room I'm in so I'll post more of these at a later date; this one took at least five minutes to load.
We're so excited to get some nice shots and also to be able to chronicle our young lady's life with clear, non-blurred, and quality images. 

That sounded like a boring camera ad.

Anyway, it was clear and beautiful in Half Moon Bay then a bit foggy as we drove south. The fog cleared and it was a beautiful day with the breakers and we had a wonderful time walking around at the beach with pebbles where the sand should be and then driving down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz.

And then I just realized it's Monday; woah!

Some other great things...

1} It's so pleasant here weather-wise; 60s and sunny during the day! Thought thanks to a really big cold snap earlier this month most plants here look way bedragled.

2} We're just about done with our Holiday shopping and the best part, actually giving the gifts, is just around the corner. Don't judge on the lateness, by the way! We didn't want to buy anything in DC and since most all of December has been extremely busy for both of us mail-ordering ahead of time just didn't happen.

3} It was so so so so so pretty at the water today.

4} There are tamales in our near future.

5} My first stop in town when I arrived on Saturday night was...our favorite Indian restaurant. Even though it was after 9 {midnight DC time} and had been a long day for me Mike and I were determined so we did it.

I hope that your Christmas week is full of peace and enjoyment of all shapes and sizes!
xoxo, natty ♥


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