Monday, December 30, 2013

Time warp..

I'm in that funny vacation place, the one where it's easy to lose track of the other happy news:

1. Today {& the forecast for the next few days to boot} was gorgeous; mild and warm in the sun. I'm certainly soaking up this sunshine to help me through the cooler days ahead of us back in DC.

2. My dad who's also visiting here in Arizona hit a deer tonight while driving up near Flagstaff. The good thing is that he and my stepmom are OK and that the biggest damage to their car seems to be an antler-punctured tire and some left over deer on the bumper {gross}. I'm SO happy they're safe.

3. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve...time to reflect and look ahead.

4. Despite hating grapefruit {this one's for you Becs!}, I'm loving the pink grapefruit juice/club soda/Sprite concoctions I've been whipping up while here. The juice comes from the fruit of the trees in the back yard.

5. I'm still feeling bouncy and happy from the two wonderful baby showers that were thrown in our lucky daughter's honor.

I hope that you're enjoying your week and looking ahead to 2014!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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