Sunday, September 4, 2011

Amazing Most Wonderful Best Day.

Alternate title being "I'm so happy I can't even contain it or stop smiling or even stop askin people if they're this happy too and if they had a good time and telling them that I'm so happy they came to our wedding." Yesterday was phenomenal. Exhausting, too, in a great way - quite a lot of work was done even up until the last hour; a HUMONGOUS thanks goes to our bridal party, family, friends and innocent bystanders. I really am SO FULL of love and happiness right now. My parents and family were amazing and my new family is incredible {though they're not that "new" to me, it's just official now}. It's anyone's guess as to when I'll manage some pictures seeing as how I took none myself but I am really looking forward to seeing them. What I can muster up right now, though, is that we, my HUSBAND {giggle giggle...aren't I too young to be able to say that?}and I, are SUPER grateful and appreciative of all the love and support our family and friends showered upon us these past days; I LOVE {again with the caps, I know...but I'm excited!} being loved. This is on my phone because the comp-you-tour got left back at he buzz-ouse {we're enjoying out of town family time at the hotel for two more night before reality welcomes us back with her cold and scaly grip} so the formatting might be blah; please pardonez mois. So much love! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos The only picture I have, actually, is of our cake! We didn't have a traditional one last night, we had little bite thingies. This morning, though, the wonderful bakery owner who whipped up a beautiful spread for our breakfast, gifted us tbis morning with a beauty. Princess Cake! He doesn't even know how much I love it! We might eat it but haven't decided yet since we could also freeze it to eat in a year. Again, I am SO happy right now. xoxo, natty ♥ PS I need to change my header...I'm a "señora" now!


Laurenita said...

Congrats!!! So excited for the new señora!

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