Sunday, September 25, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie

A while ago my good friend Becs talked about a goal. She and I went to a small liberal arts college and it was a wonderful experience. It was, however, not a very traditional experience athletics and "big-school" wise. Rebecca had read a book about sororities {which we did not have} and became inspired to be more knowledgeable regarding the typical university experience since it was something we did not have. Her inspiration, since she's a sports fan, manifested in an interesting challenge. The idea is to research and follow/become a fan of a large college football team. Becs chose the South Eastern Conference {SEC} for reasons that you can read about HERE
When I read her blog post about this I kind of freaked out because I had been very secretly fascinated by the south and a certain SEC team for a few years and I was excited to share in this experience. It all started with random blog hopping; I had stumbled across some southern womens' blogs and was charmed by their big hair bows and dedication to SEC football. I was drawn to a team that has a live mascot, which I love. This creature is one of my favorites because I think they resemble English Bull Terriers, the dog I grew up with.


I decided that I would copy Becs in following a team this season. There was no question, obviously, since I was already enamored of this team's mascot. So, an Arkansas Razorback Hog fan I am. Here is Tusk. He's actually a legacy, so forgive me; here is Tusk IV.

The Hogs had been doing well up until today but lost badly to Alabama {the Crimson Tide}. I think that's "OK" since the Tide is ranked #3 and the Hogs are #14, but I'm still a bit bummed. My heart is warmed when I read about the tradition and enthusiasm involved in the team. I feel, too, as though I can safely assume that it's not just Arkansas that is so supportive of their team. I think the whole SEC is like this as well as many other big schools in the US {Pac 10 [11 12], etc.}. It really is SUPER different from our college athletics experience and my high school one as well. It's not that we did not have sports but neither of my alma maters are large and though the athletics were well supported, our size alone dictated that there was a fair amount of balance on campus regarding extra-curriculars; sports and drama and art and everything else was prevalent and not in a money-making/business-y/"it's life" sort of way that it is at larger institutions. Don't get me wrong, please; I'm not touting one over the other at all...I'm just intrigued by what I myself did not experience.
Anyway, I'm really excited to be a fan. I love that lots of Hog fans didn't even go to the university. I love that there are about a bajillion apparel options in Razorback themes {red...with a hog}, including dresses and bikinis! All is available at Hog Heaven online or the actual Hog Heaven in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 
Part of the plan is to actually attend a game next season and Becs' team {Tennessee} and my Hogs will actually meet...hopefully we make this a reunion of sorts though I'm already worried about where we will sit since I can guarantee that I will want to deck myself out in red and also sit with Becs who will be draped in orange and I don't think that the two colors will mix...if you catch my drift. We can figure that out in 2012. Until then...I, today and most Saturdays through the end of college football season, exclaim our official hog call..."WOO PIG SOOIE"!
xoxo, natty ♥


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