Friday, September 23, 2011

Dance Dance.

I'm chaperoning the first dance of the year tonight. Every teacher, just about, is asked to chaperon one mixer a year and I generally choose the first one. I like to front load my obligations and it's fun to see how excited the kiddos are at the first one. I even remember how much fun it was for little old moi way back when.
What's not fun, though, is being on my feet in a loud and sweaty gym for several hours on a Friday night {or any night, at that} so I high tailed it home after work and am laying low until I need to leave; i.e. I am more horizontal than vertical and hope to stay this way for a few hours.
I was also able to to sneak out and meet Mr. Mike at the farmers' market for a lunch of Thai BBQ {me} and gyros {he}...yum! It was super super hot and remains so which is partly what makes the prospect of several hundred teenagers getting their groove on so blech {no offense if you're a teen; this could actually apply to any group of people getting jiggy on a hot day in a school gym}...anyway.
Happy Friday to y'all!
xoxo, natty ♥


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