Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Behold: Bear Territory - it looks terrifying, doesn't it?! Yes!
While running today, about three miles in, I thought about how I was loving on lots of things I passed by. I had seen a really cute cactus plant {I kid you not} and some lovely kitty cats amongst other things. I then decided to not take any pictures and just write about these things on this here blog. I made this decision based entirely on my hunger level and that I needed to get home so that I could eat supper. Anytime between 4 PM and whenever I eat my dinner is not a good time to get between me and my food y'all. It's no small miracle that I often run during this time in the school year.
Anyway, just as I had that thought, I ran past a house with a cute little front yard vineyard/garden. This is not uncommon in our area; we are quite blessed with a Mediterranean Climate and almost anything can grow here so people take advantage of this situation with all of their land. Then something caught my eye that made me change my mind. I even braved the risk that this sign boasted to get a close-up picture. I just had to and couldn't resist.

Will wonders never cease? I certainly hope so!
xoxo, natty ♥
For all you local-yokels...this is Newhall Avenue in Santa Clara. Think about THAT {the bear danger} the next time you're wandering around those mean streets.


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