Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marvelous Monday; photographic edition.

Some Mondays it's hard for me to find inspiration but today was not one of those Mondays. I feel as though everywhere I looked today I saw something that tickled my fancy or made me smile. I'll save one thing for Wordless Wednesday™ and list some here...here's your oxymoron for the week: happy Monday! Beware...this post reflects my loquacious side.
What made my day lovely:
1. This scruffy face when I got home...he is always SO happy to see me no matter how rushed I was at work or if I don't get in my run for the day; a dog really is the best investment, monetary and emotional, since what we get in return is tenfold times infinity of what we put in. 
Photobucket   Photobucket
Plus, his ears are, like, really soft and I like to hold on to one while we watch TV. And he smells like dog ♥♥♥.
2. This round & curled-up dachshund shaped dent that I find all over the place;
often in any blanket left laying around and also on our bed but the funniest-to-me spot is in a pile of laundry {clean or other wise [not that there ever is not clean laundry draped about the house]}. This pile is was actually clean and had been headed for folding when it got moved to the floor this morning for some reason. 

The dent was there when I got home from work today.
3. These odoriferous {in a delightful way} roses my grandmother left in the kitchen. She's always doing this with flowers from around her lovely garden. These smelled especially rosy.

4. Olives as an appetizer...noms!

With Trader Joe's boxed wine...a nice accompaniment for those olives! Plus it's a mere $10 for the equivalent of four bottles...nice!
5. Free podcasts.

My personal favorite is This American Life and the one from this past week was a doozy about private investigator moms. 

Read more about it HERE and get yourself subscribed to the free podcast; the best deal in town!
Here's to a good week y'all!
xoxo, natty ♥


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