Sunday, September 25, 2011


Happy Fall y'all! Actually it's more like "boo"! I deep down love decorating and themed things. Oh heck, I don't want to kid anyone, it's not a secret - I totally love that stuff. However, we don't have our own place yet nor do we have the budget of the Trumps. Blogs, though, are free thus the new snazziness. I am really drawn to a homey type of decor...kind of shabby chic but definitely not cluttered or junky chic; I so love to experiment with all sorts or kitschiness and therefore I totally enjoy playing around with all of the hundreds of blog options available. I might not teach second graders but I sure as heck can decorate my blog as though it were a classroom for 8 year-olds; yay!
Anyway, here's my Halloween look. I totally love this day since it's a chance to get dressed up and have fun but there's not a whole lot of commitment involved {no formal dinner}. I'll roll out an autumnal look after the scary day.
Today I toyed around with the blog workings, got in a run {much shorter than yesterday's}, thought about the grading I would like to catch up on and then went to a neighborhood party. It was a nice and overcast day, kind of muggy with beautiful clouds and a neat change from our recent heat wave, though I still love me some warmth. 
Good week to you all ☺.
xoxo, natty ♥


mel in el said...

Claiming that you are drawn to decor that is "not cluttered" is erroneous...

Nathalia said...

Say what you will...90% of the rubble in our lives comes from you {think: empty water bottles}...♥

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