Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Who pooped on my head?"

I work with wonderful people. Many of those wonderful people happen to be wonderful mommies so I hear quite a bit of talk regarding things that involve little ones. One topic of which I am very fond is literature. I had a few favorites myself growing up {"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and the entire Little House series to name just a few} and love to hear what's circulating around with the youngins. 
A certain coworker with a Norwegian husband {and two bilingual adorables at home} told us about a funny story that their family first read in Dutch {it's a long story} and she brought in the Norwegian version that their little girls KNOW. I fell in LOVE. 
As many a reader knows, I am fond of four-legged creatures I don't discriminating against those two-leggers out there either {Kanga and Roo, I'm talking to YOU!}. It should come as no big surprise, then, that this little tome charmed my pants off {figuratively} and made my day - it boasts a mole as he who suffers the fate mentioned in my title today. Since moles can't see so well the protagonist goes on to ask the other animals if it was their defecation. It's so not as gross as I'm making it sound.
Alas, Mikey and I don't speak Norwegian and probably won't learn by the time our own little two-legged love-bugs come along. However...the book comes in English!!!!!
I searched it and found the book on Amazon, which is great. Buy your own HERE. I also stumbled upon a video of it being read.
It's your lucky day my faithful few one readers.
For your enjoyment...
Here's to it almost being the weekend!
xoxo, natty ♥


Laurenita said...

Wow, hilarious! Can't wait to hear the Dutch version...

Nathalia said...

I really enjoyed the Norwegian one!! It's something to add to the little dude's library!

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