Friday, November 8, 2013

23 weeks.

Crazy multiple pregnancy update days have ceased effective immediately after this one. I'll only bring it up once a week in such a fashion!!! But for today, I'm happy to report the following.

Another week flew by bring us to 23 weeks pregnant. I felt so proud to make it to 17 weeks pregnant and though it wasn't that long ago, now that's all we have left {hopefully! --> Keep fingers crossed!}.
How far along: 23 weeks

Symptoms: I forgot to mention it two weeks ago but I am starting to see parts of my bellybutton I had hoped never to see; I dare predict a potentially stretched out and flat belly button by late February/early March. This week I felt more queasiness {still!} and hunger. I feel a strong need for animal-derived protein {feed me meat [preferably chicken]!!!!!} each day and the past day I've been thinking fondly about eating some peanut butter; do we have a muscle-builder on our hands here?

I also am still feeling very full if I eat over a certain amount. Full as in, woah, this belly is stretching.

The linea negra is still there though I've yet to notice any stretch marks.

My legs feel a bit restless at times which makes me think I should/need to be exercising.

Wait gain: 149...not bad considering where I was at a week ago {148} and that I'm still eating a decent amount.

Size of baby: a grapefruit or large mango --> yum, fruit salad!

Exercise: we hiked in Shenandoah last weekend and I went on a couple of walks this week. The first hike was brutal because it was straight downhill {my calves and quads!} and that also included straight uphill - about a mile and a half of it all. But it was pretty and it was a good thing for us to get outside.

Milestones: nothing, as far as I can tell. A few weeks ago someone in public asked when I'm due, that was a first, but nothing else has really happened.

We read to the little dude/dudette some nights {Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are}, though Mike doesn't think it's the best use of his time. I'd like to establish a good bath/story time/bed routine as earlier as possible so why not start now {minus the bath & bed time}?!

What I miss: it's getting hard to lean over and put on socks/shoes.

Sex: not yet, the stinker.

Movement: still going at it and I'm loving every second. There were a couple of really active days and then a couple of not-so-active days; the quieter days are almost hard because they make me worry a bit but then he/she gets at it again.

What I'm looking forward to: finishing our registries. Mike never helped me register for our wedding so I can at least get him to do this one.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I hope the babe puts on a good show for us; we go in not this week but the following for a scan to check that cyst and hopefully see the sex.

Sleep: I'm waking up every two to three hours for the bathroom; this seems to have recently developed...not fun. Sleep quality is good though.

Goals: get in a walk this weekend and one next week. Maybe stretch a bit too.

Switch to the birth center after the next ultrasound.

Buy or borrow from the library Ina May Gaskin's book on giving birth; I've heard it's a nice read that helps to normalize a process that seems to have been made somewhat feared and/or unnatural.

Get a baby book!

Random: it's hard to believe that the holidays are almost here...time to crank up the Christmas music {it happens earlier and earlier each year anyway...}.

Also, I've been slogging through some baby books which I'm really enjoying; there's always something to learn.
xoxo, natty ♥


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