Monday, November 25, 2013

A bunch of groceries.

We're supposed to get some weather tomorrow and Wednesday so I figured mid-afternoon today was  good time to pick up anything and everything we need for the feasting set to happen later this week; our refrigerator is so full right now it feels as though I have all the groceries we'll need for weeks to come; funny how it goes so quickly.
This hat is on the sidewalk near our apartment; has Walter White been roaming around?
What else is going on today?

1. I had a lazy morning; ahhhhh the joy and pleasure of vacation but I'm not ignoring the fact that it goes by ever-so-quickly.

2. My husband and I have some together-in-DC time slated later this week; Newseum anyone?

3. I also have an appointment for my little computer's power cord tomorrow; let's hope this is painless.

4. There's that squirmy baby in my tummy; I'm loving her kicks and punches!

5. We've got some potential friend time coming up in February; we're so excited for this potential visiting!!!

I hope that you're staying warm and well wherever you are!
xoxo, natty ♥


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