Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weeks 8 to 11.

Start from the bottom up for chronological order!

11 Weeks.
Week 11 - August 16th, 2013.
I "turn over" each week on Fridays but this picture was taken the day after when we had gotten down to Shenandoah for a quick camping excursion.

How far along: 11 weeks.

Symptoms: ugh major queasy stomach this week! It's not like a stomach flu sort of feeling, but it's most certainly nausea. It never gets to needing a bathroom, though. Eating doesn't seem to make it better anymore either which is no fun. It seems to ramp up in the evenings as well, usually before, during, and after dinner. Fresh foods {veggies} seem to really help.  It was bad basically since Sunday morning when I got in off of a red-eye flight from California so I'm wondering if because of that and going back to work I'm extra tired and maybe that's triggering it. My legs also feel dead when I'm running...trying to wear too-tight pre-pregnant pants cutting off circulation? And the bosom is quite sore and finally blossoming a bit, close to 20 years post-puberty.

Wait gain: hmm...I'm thinking maybe up a pound or two so let's make it nine pounds total.

Size of baby: a lime!

Exercise: this was a bad running week. I took off Sunday through Wednesday which isn't that bad when I write it out. I was so pooped from travel and my new routine but on Thursday I committed to running at work and that seems to be the trick; when I get home after a commute and the couch is sitting there I lose all motivation. It's really important to me that I continue running as long as I can do so healthily. I think it's better for me mentally {& physically, obviously}, I'm thinking it's not too bad for baby, and I've heard that it can help with labor and recovery. Plus I have a marathon scheduled for November. I'm really apprehensive about his race but determined to make it as far as I can in training. I know that many pregnant women complete marathons each year and I'm keeping that thought in mind.

Also, I'm feeling really stiff and would love some affordable pre-natal yoga. I'll hopefully look up and find some options.

Milestones: telling some people at work; more next week! And returning to work after summer, that's always a feat.

What I miss: cold white wine at tonightt's crab feed would've been nice but Old Bay is so salty I was very grateful for my water! And feeling my size; my body is definitely changing and my wardrobe options are diminishing.

Sex: not yet!

Movement: not yet!

What I'm looking forward to: making it to 12 weeks and getting into my first appointment.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I want to keep running. I'm also worried I'll never get back to my pre-pregnancy size which is less about vanity and more about practicality since I'd need an entirely new wardrobe {and I really like the one I've got!}.

Goals: keep running! And get back to work!

Random: we're going camping tomorrow!!
10 Weeks.
It's gotten late and I need to get to sleep so this'll be the last weekly for tonight... August 9th, 2013 - 10 weeks.
Not the best picture quality ever; that's OK.

How far along: 10 weeks

Symptoms: not too much queasiness or tiredness, a pretty OK week actually.

Wait gain
: still at about 7 pounds.

Size of baby: a fig!

Exercise: I had a good running week following my marathon training plan and got in a good 11-miler today!

Milestones: telling friends in California.

What I miss: not too much at all this week! I'm starting to miss being in California, though it will be nice to in DC with my husband and in my home.

Sex: not yet!
Movement: not yet!

Showing: yes, but it's mostly bloating as I eat throughout the day.

Maternity clothes: none yet but I have a few belly bands {thanks Lisa!} to help when I don't feel like buttoning my pants.

What I'm looking forward to: going to the birthing center for my first real appointment in September.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: none really this week!

Goals: keep running! And get back to work.

Random: I'm not looking forward to having to tell people at work mostly because it's always embarrassing for me to be in the spotlight.
9 Weeks.
August 2nd, 2013 - 9 weeks in!

How far along: 9 weeks.

Symptoms: some more intense nausea this week; eating still seems to help but not all the time, bosom still sore, a bit crampy here and there, a wee bit of fatigue here and there

Wait gain: no scale here but my guess would be maybe not much; I've been way more active than I was in DC, though I'm eating just as much still {staves off nausea} and I don't feel much bigger.

Size of baby: a green olive!

Exercise: still running though I can't shake my nervousness. I've got my first long run {10 miles} slated for Saturday and I'm actually looking forward to it.

Sex: not yet!
Movement: not yet!
Milestones: telling my family ❤.

What I miss: white wine! Everyone's drinking around me since we're on vacation. Oh and coffee! It's such a big thing in my family to share morning and afternoon coffee together. Oh well.

What I'm looking forward to: getting my Bella Bands in the mail next week. I can still fit in clothes and thankfully my weight gain is not as intense here as it is in DC so I'm hoping I won't need them for a little while but I'm still excited to see them.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I think I'd feel better if I could hear the heartbeat again. I'm going to start seeing the midwife in September when new insurance kicks in and hopefully it covers ultrasounds because our old plan doesn't cover them entirely.

Goals: do my long run! Eat healthily; no more ramen if I can help it and more veggies.

Random: I'm so happy to have a full week back in San Jose :)
8 Weeks.
Since these first ten weeks or so will be posted after I wrote them, I'll also include the date: this was July 26th, 2013.
How far along: 8 weeks.

Symptoms: still have nausea; eating seems to help but it increased a bit to be slightly more intense and it takes less time between eating to feel it. Being tired kicked in this week but it could've been because family's in town and we were running around doing things. I'm also hungry quite a bit. My tummy looks massive as soon as I start to eat for the day; I'm definitely not "showing" yet but the bloating certainly makes it appear so. Clothes are getting a bit tight and I'm not sure how well I'll be able to hide this at work. I'll be 12 weeks at the end of the first week of teaching so hopefully I can wear some of my more flowy outfits those beginning days.

Wait gain: 7 pounds. For a while I was holding steady at 115 but the past year or so I'd hopped up to 120 so let's put that as my starting point; this week I'm up to 127.

Size of baby: a raspberry!

Exercise: I'm running and about to start my marathon plan {eeek}. I feel nervous about running and it's for no good reason. It's been so hot in DC which makes it feel really hard and the altitude in Tahoe next week will make it challenging too but I'm curious if I'm feeling any pregnancy exhaustion, it's hard to tell through the heat. I had been sneaking in some ab work here and there and really need to stick with it as long as I can {or until I get an exercise ball} because the bloat I get is horrible and I feel like abs might help that a bit.

Sex: not yet!
Movement: not yet!
Milestones: last week I saw the little blob and heard a heartbeat! And this week we told Mike's parents because they were in town and we figured it would be hard to hide {we always enjoy a few drinks together} and because it would be really nice to tell them in person; we probably won't see them again until Christmas.

What I miss: cold white wine looked nice when we were out this week. And I miss not always feeling queasy/like I need to eat {and then feel full}.

What I'm looking forward to: going to California! Telling my family in person this week. Ticking off another week to get to the 12 week mark and telling friends. My new insurance is kicking in starting in September so that I can begin going to the birth center I'd like to use during this pregnancy. I'll be able to meet the midwives and then the every-other-month birth month cohort meetings start in the fall {these are in lieu of meeting with an OB; there's an information session with a different pregnancy/childbirth/nursing related theme and then an individual meeting with one of the CNMs}.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I'm running but still feeling nervous about it even though the doctor gave me the "ok".

Goals: keep running! Try to eat healthy.

Random: I {who love warm weather [mostly for the nice evenings and not having to be cold]} am so excited about two weeks of no humidity and temperate California weather!
 xoxo, natty ♥


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