Saturday, November 23, 2013

Busy times.

Since I have this upcoming week off and we owed our friends a visit {they've come to DC several times}, we too the jump and scurried up to New York last night. But our friends are actually gone now - they were heading out of town so our visit was an 18-hour one and we're sticking around until tomorrow so that Mikey can make it to work Monday.

This is my first time in the city and since we're here for such a short time, we're exploring a few random things here and there. 

Today we had a nice brunch, walked around the library a bit, whipped through Times Square {too.much.everything}, got our car towed, rescued our car {with a lot of money} from a very interesting impound lot on a pier on the Hudson River, unexpectedly drove our friends to JFK airport, and ended our evening with delicious Indian food {the best we've had since we got to the east coast} and cupcakes.
Lions {& where the Ghostbusters once were}!

Lots of stuff!

And good food!

It's been such a fun day, I can hardly believe I woke up in my own bed yesterday morning and had a normal work day; it feels like it's years from today. We were so happy to visit with our friends and we're very grateful they were willing to dedicate time to us as they were getting ready for a trip; thanks friends!
xoxo, natty ♥


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