Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nary a flake.

Today's weather yielded neither raindrops nor snowflakes but it did bring some way cool {for us} temperatures...because we're all really interested in weather! Aren't we?

But, colder days always make me feel tense - as though I need to buckle down and that spring better hurry the heck up. It's cold and it's harder to do things outside and holidays are expensive and what joy is there in the deep and dark days of January and February?

But the past few years I've had a desire to not waste these days hoping for the longer ones ahead so maybe in the next few days I can whip up some potential things to value/look forward to/enjoy about this time of year. Off the top of my head right now...I'm not running anymore {thanks bambino/a!} which kind causes me less stress {even though running is an outlet for me}; I'm not worried about getting in my miles/staying in shape/eating as many salads as I can. I think part of my winter woes is that I always need a push to get out to do my run when the temperature is less than 60 degrees. And sometimes, cold weather or not, I feel anxious/stressed if I don't feel like running or feel pressed for the time to fit it in {such a first-world/yuppy problem but hey, they're my feelings}. So now I get more time, don't need to worry about running...let's look for things to enjoy!

I also wonder how much of this "ugh, winter" feeling comes from teaching - as much as I love the profession it's tiring and there are really long and busy days so longer days mean that summer and a break are coming up. I suppose for us in our little home, though, that there is no break in sight, ever, considering the bundle of joy {& nerves} that's coming our way in March. 

There is no point to this post except that maybe I'm coming around to the idea of "leaning in" {thanks Sandberg} to these things that are scary/stressful/whatever.

On that note, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my evening! 
xoxo, natty ♥


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