Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weeks 12 - 15.

Continuing with this theme...start from the bottom for chronological order.

                                                               15 weeks.
We went to Minnesota for dear Rebecca and Josh's wedding and I hit 15 weeks on September 13th, 2013.

Loving my faux Zubaz.
How far along: 15 weeks

Symptoms: the queasiness came back this week, in kind of a gross way. And all of a sudden I'm really hungry which is funny since I'm queasy. But being full helps me to feel better later, especially in the morning - I even had a late night snack of nachos this week.

I've also had a bit of achiness here and there, but I think it's from being on my feet all day long.

The bosom is still sore and growing a wee bit more.

Wait gain: the doctor's scale this week said 135 which would put me at a 15 lb wait gain but that was in the middle of the afternoon after having had eaten a big lunch so I'm thinking {hoping} it's more like 132 or 133. Either way, those are numbers I'd never seen before - this is getting real.

Size of baby: a navel orange or an apple!

Exercise:  nada. I've been continuing my break from running AND work has been consisting of some 12 hour days {and nine and ten} so I'm toasted by the end of the day. The doctor mentioned trying to walk in the evenings which I'd like to try this week when we get back home; the past week was hard because there was back to school night and I was working late getting my substitute plans in order.

Milestones: I finally made it to the doctor and heard the heartbeat, which was a beautiful sound. It had been so long since I had heard it/had a confirmation {since July} so I was anxious to have that experience.

And I got some maternity clothes in the mail - the jeans are glorious.

What I miss: we're at a wedding this weekend and a mimosa or margarita with friends, as well as a dip in the hotel hot tub would be nice, but I am looking forward to feeling fine the morning after the wedding!

: not yet!

Movement: not yet!

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender next month.

: I am concerned about gaining too much weight since I'm not consistently exercising and I'm eating more. I know you're not supposed to eat a great deal more but I've always been a light eater during the day so this is a big change for my body – and I don't want to deprive the little blob of any nourishment. Plus, eating and being full keeps the nausea at bay. Except for being on this mini vacation for a wedding I'm eating a pretty balanced diet {fruit, salad as part of lunch...}, though I could get in more vegetables. I used to eat a ton of raw veggies throughout the day but those just make me feel not good so even though I fit in a salad, it's just leaves, but I do eat cooked vegetables which are better than nothing.

Goals: start walking this week maybe get in a short run. Stay at work less and be at home to relax.

Random: I'd been thinking of making a quilt for baby. My goal is to get that dusty old sewing machine out and crank out some seams on the weekend. I think I'll start in October since the rest of this month is busy already.

                                                               14 weeks.

Oops - no picture!
Oh well.
The first full week of September brought me to 14 weeks on September 6th, 2013.
How about a picture of us in Iceland before figuring out that we're soon going to be three?
How far along: 14 weeks.

Symptoms: some queasy days/moments coming back. I wouldn’t know how my legs would feel running since I’m still taking time off but they do feel tired going up and down stairs at work. Still getting thicker and my bosom is growing just a wee bit {and still a bit sore]. A few headaches too but my guess is that they’re tension related {back to teaching busy-ness} and not a result of being pregnant.

Wait gain: let’s say 11 pounds total; 131 up from 120.

Size of baby: both sites say “lemon” this week.

Exercise: Same as last week. We’re going hiking this weekend so I’m looking forward to a nice hike.

Milestones: ordering some maternity clothes.

What I miss: easy getting dressed in the morning. It’s a struggle these days.

Sex: not yet!

Movement: not yet!

What I'm looking forward to: getting some maternity clothes in the mail this week. And ordering some more that will do well at work; what I ordered this week is a good start but I’ll need a bit more I think to get me through teaching for the next six months.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I really hope that everything goes well.

Goals: get to the doctor’s! And try to get ahead a bit in my planning so that I am not staying at work too late; there were some long afternoons this week and I think it’d be good for me to be able to relax at home.

Random: we’re going camping again! And we’ll be travelling to Minnesota for a wedding next weekend.
13 weeks.
The last day of August brought me to 13 weeks on August 30th, 2013.
One of my eyes was really bothering me the past week hence the spectacles.

How far along: 13 weeks.

Symptoms: tummy is feeling better, just like they say it does after week 12. The bosom is holding a bit steady. My legs killed me on an attempted long run last weekend so I decided to tone it down.

Wait gain: 11 pounds total; 131 up from 120.

Size of baby: a pea pod or peach, depending on The Bump or Babycenter.

Exercise: I’m on a self-imposed hiatus. It could’ve been the addition of the heat but I about died during our weekend runs last weekend and I, with the coaching and support of my husband, decided that it’s totally ok to accept being a different runner now. 

Or not a runner for now.

I’m done for at least now and I’ll hopefully start up when I feel ready again but I will say that it was psychologically tough on me to feel so bad {drained and completely dead legs} during a run. It wasn’t even the length {we had been going for 13 or 14 miles} because I felt like that about a block into our route. I’d like to keep active, obviously, and being on my feet at work is a good start {that’s what I tell myself} and I’m comfortable giving my self time to not run and just ease back into it whenever. 

Though I wouldn’t mind, again, some prenatal yoga.

Milestones: telling one class because I got hit with a wave of exhaustion in class and felt the need to ‘fess up.

What I miss: I miss my old wardrobe options and being able to pick out whatever I felt like in the mornings. Now it’s a carousel of outfits until I find one that fits and looks OK.

Sex: not yet!

Movement: not yet!

What I'm looking forward to: getting to rest this weekend! And seeing a doctor.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I am so worried that I won’t ever be able to run again like I’m used to, but surely thousands of women have gone back to their normal routine. I’m sure my body will look and feel different but I’m very hopeful that my running will once again feel the way I’ve always known it to.

Goals: make that doctor’s appointment.

Random: this week at work just about did me in. There was back to school night {#1 out of two} and I’m just pooped. The next few weeks are shaping up to be the same but hopefully once September is nearing its end things will even out a bit.

12 weeks.
This was the first week of classes and quite a doozy of a five day stretch, I might add. I was 12 weeks on August 23rd, 2013. 

How far along: 12 weeks.

Symptoms: tummy still queasy, it’s feeling pretty bad actually. Legs continuing to feel dead and heavy while running.

Wait gain: let’s say 10 pounds total; 130 up from 120.

Size of baby: a lime! Still! But another source says “plum” this week.

Exercise: running and I’m glad I’m doing it but it’s feeling hard; see “legs” above.

Milestones: telling some more people at work.

What I miss: I’m feeling thick around the middle though in my pictures it doesn’t look it; so funny how one’s perception can be different from reality.

Sex: not yet!

Movement: not yet!

What I'm looking forward to
: starting to teach again, though I’m going to need to be creative with my wardrobe. I’m not looking forward to it but I will have to tell the kids at some point. I am anticipating actually looking pregnant and fitting into maternity clothes.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: Same as the week before though I am curious to see what I’ll feel like going back to being in the classroom and on my feet all day. And I really need to get into see a doctor. I’d been putting off making an appointment {until I had insurance} at the birthing center I’d like to go to and would like to be seen before we travel out of town later in September but now it’s looking like their schedule is packed.

Goals: keep running! And get back to teaching!

Random: the families are talking about baby showers and I’m really excited for those already!

xoxo, natty ♥


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