Friday, November 22, 2013

25 weeks.

It’s been a good week AND I’m on vacation for nine days so here’s to the nice even number of 25 weeks!
How far along: 25 weeks. 

Symptoms: moving baby, getting full easier, and several people today told me that I just got much bigger all of a sudden and I kind of feel it; the belly certainly pops out! My feet and legs still hurt and I asked the doctor about it at our appointment this week and she informed me that it’s something that happens to some women – I think, personally, that it’s a combination of weight gain, relaxing ligaments, and other weird pregnancy/hormone related fun things.

Wait gain: I was down last week but at the doctor’s this week I was up to 151. But, I was wearing boots and a heavy necklace so maybe let’s say I’m at 148 or 149.

Size of baby: a cauliflower or a rutabaga.

Exercise: I’ve been trying to walk Guinness for at least 20 minutes in the evenings and I did so several times this week. I also managed a ten minute session of one minute walking/one minute running. And I stretched afterwards which was lovely.

I decided that I feel horrible not exercising and I’m feeling like I have a bit more of a handle on work time management {but is that ever true for a teacher?} so I’m making an effort to leave work as early as I can to a) avoid some nasty traffic, b) have more time at home, and c) maybe try to get in a bit of movement. I’m not complaining because I’m so fortunate to have a great job and home but the two hours I spend driving each day are when I would normally try to get in a bit of exercise. And get dishes/laundry sorted. And hang out with Guinness. So I’m coming to the realization that my days need to be managed/scheduled to the minute because of this commute which is fine because it won’t always be this way. 

Milestones: we found out that we’re having a sweet baby girl! And that our baby is beautiful and healthy {we are SO grateful for that}. And we got some good pictures of her to boot so it was a good week for the growing Melamed family.

I also got my records transferred to the birth center and hopefully they’re able to take us still and if so, I’ll be so happy because the more I’m reading, the more I’m looking forward to working with a midwife.

What I miss: running. Bending over without much effort.

Sex: girl!

Movement: she’s still at it and I’m loving all of it. There are some times when she’s dancing on my bladder which is an interesting feeling; not so much like I need to run to the facilities but rather it just kind of feels really weird from the inside?

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I’m starting to feel nervous about flying next month but I’ll be sure to check in with the doctor and I know I’ll be fine.

Sleep: I’m getting up to use the bathroom several times a night and I have to flip flop from side to side to be comfortable. I also have all of myself kind of propped up/cradled with my pillow (Snoogle!) and blankets.

Goals: keep trying to get in some movement and fine-tune our registries. 

Random: we’re in New York City right now with friends and we’re so happy to be here!!

xoxo, natty ♥


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