Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 16 to 22.

Today's a doozy but I'll be all caught up after today so bear with me...start from the bottom for chronological order.

22 weeks.
And what a great World Series win for Boston!! Which brings us to…
Kind of a weird angle but the bump is very prominent. And I'm tired; this is at the end of a really long day - I'm in real clothes only because we were out with friends and I wasn't at home/able to change into an elastic waist.
How far along: 22 weeks

Symptoms: a squirmy baby…and a light linea negra – the line that forms from the belly button down on some women during pregnancy. And continued pregnancy gingivitis {uck} so my gums bleed when I brush and floss and they’re swollen {I’m finally calling a dentist this week}…that one’s been happening for a while but I keep forgetting to write it down. Still very hungry all the time but I do get really really full {feel like my belly is gonna pop} whereas pre-pregnancy I’d just feel really full.

Wait gain
: I’m at 148 now; up four pounds from last week which is Not Good. But, in my health’s defense, I just ate a large dinner and drank a ton of water so I’ll check it out again in the morning.

Size of baby: a papaya or a spaghetti squash. Another odd set of produce comparisons.

Exercise: nothing. But maybe that weight gain will spur me on to walk a bit.  

Milestones: Not much, just continuing to be thankful for a healthy pregnancy and hoping for it to continue this way.

What I miss: nothing =)

Sex: not yet!

Movement: yes and it’s getting a bit stronger. The little guy/girl is so roly-poly some days and I love it so much.

What I'm looking forward to: finding out boy or girl and going home to visit family; since it’s November I can officially say we see them all next month!

Thoughts/questions/concerns: just waiting for that next ultrasound.

Sleep: I just wish I were getting more of it. But the quality is just fine, though I was battling some sinus issues this week and the congestion was making breathing at night very uncomfortable - bottom line: I got over it.

Goals: get in some exercise? And switch to the birthing center.

Random: We’re going back to Shenandoah for an overnight tomorrow; we’ll be staying in the lodge and not camping, which is much easier but still enjoyable. Next week is going to be a long one at work/school for us both but then Thanksgiving break {we each get the whole week} is on the horizon.
21 weeks.

Same pants as last week; even though I'm wearing mostly maternity things now, it seems as though the supply may need some diversifying.
How far along: 21 weeks

: good movement. Feeling a bit sick at the start of the week. Feeling really sick, actually – it was hitting me at around 3 in the afternoon and it would last for a couple of hours. It’s subsided in the past day but it was weird that it came back. 

Also, despite the queasiness, I’ve been RAVENOUS. We have a really nice dining hall at work {akin to a small college’s cafeteria} and I almost feel embarrassed at lunch each day when I visit each station for something. Maybe baby’s having a growth spurt? I’ve also been feeling full faster, despite all the eating. It’s mostly in the evening when I’m not as active after I eat {as opposed to lunch when I go right back to the classroom} so that's probably why. I’ve been more tired than usual this week too so maybe definitely a growth spurt.

Wait gain: up to almost 144 this week. Yeah, something’s happening. I’d been keeping steady at a one pound gain a week, which is what I’m supposed to do from here on out, but this is almost three pounds in a one week span. Let’s hope it doesn’t keep up like this!

Size of baby: a carrot or a pomegranate. I think this week’s combination is the weirdest duo.

Exercise:  same as last week -
nada; does teaching high school count? Mental exercise?

Milestones: We got our first baby clothes {other than some fun shoes
♥} in the mail {thanks Jacqui and Aaron!!!!} and Mike has felt more kicks but not much else. I’ve been working on a registry too, which is kind of a milestone?

What I miss: nothing =)

Sex: not yet!

Movement: yes and I love it. It’s nerve-wracking when baby isn’t as active at some times as at other times but he/she starts squirming around pretty quickly after taking a rest so then I feel better.

What I'm looking forward to
: finding out the sex!!! Going home in December to California and Arizona.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: just waiting for that next ultrasound.

Sleep: it’s been kind of crummy this week but I don’t think it’s pregnancy related.

Goals: get in some exercise? And switch to the birthing center.

Random: I’m HAPPY it’s Friday! I guess maybe it’s kind of neat to think about how for all of the things we’re doing right now {going back to school, pumpkin carving, apple picking, gearing up for the holidays…}, it’s the last time we’ll do it all without a little one in tow…I think it’s a very exciting and happy thing.

And, I think I may have "popped" a bit this week? Here's a side by side from this and last week.
My head looks so tiny in this week's shot; weird angle.
All that eating was for something!

And here's the poor hound feeling scared and neglected while I was doing my self-photoshoot.
Look by the blue & white bag. And those cute shoes on the right!!!
In the foreground that's our drying rack that was moved out of the normal spot and Guinness was NOT A FAN of what was going on.
20 weeks.
And we made it to half way {at least let's hope [and pray and wish and will] so!}; woo hoo!!!
I call this "Barefoot and Pregnant".
How far along: 20 weeks

: more movement {yippee!}. I’m still smelling things more and then today had a random bout of morning sickness, though it has never been sickness, just queasiness. It hit in the afternoon too which never really had happened before.

Wait gain: 141; from my start of 125 that’s a 16 pound gain. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, for my BMI prior to pregnancy I should gain between 25 and 35 pounds. But everyone is different. If I were to double what I’ve gained so far {since I’m at the half-way point} then I’d be nicely in that window but I’ve heard that the biggest gain is in the latter months of pregnancy. I know that I’m eating healthy {thought not exercising like I could/should} and that I’m feeling OK about things so I’m not too worried. 

Plus, I believe I wasn’t at the weight my body would normally like to be at pre-pregnancy; I started eating freely {no more salad-only lunches} after I found out and that packed on a few pounds early on but then the gain has leveled out.

Size of baby: a banana. Both websites state this. What’s neat is that now baby’s length/height is measured as it would be for you and me; from our head to our feet. Prior, fetuses are measured crown to rump since their little leggies are so curled up {I love the word "rump"!}.

Exercise:  same as last week
--> nada; does teaching high school count? Mental exercise? Although I got in some good walking with my dad and I walked to pick up our vegetables this week too.

Milestones: this was a big week for dad; Mike got to hear the heartbeat, see the baby on ultrasound, and feel a kick from the outside. 

We were supposed to find out the sex but the little guy/gal would not uncross his/her legs. As a friend of ours pointed out, the kid’s already keeping secrets from his/her parents. 

This ultrasound was the big 20-week anatomy scan and everything looked beautiful; yea! There is a little cyst on the baby’s brain, which sounds really scary {choroid plexus cyst} but isn’t; it’s supposed to dissolve on its own in the next month or so and then we get to go back to confirm that it’s gone and THEN maybe we’ll find out the sex {talk about a lesson in learning to relinquish control!}.

What I miss: nada nada limonada; nothing!

Sex: not yet!

Movement: yes! Baby’s more active some days than others. Mike was able to feel it {so cool!} {he said he thinks it’s just gas} and I’ve seen a few bumps from the outside too. This part of pregnancy is amazing.

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the sex in a matter of DAYS weeks! Someone at work mentioned that now it’s kind of nice to still have something big {other than the birth, obviously} to look forward to. It’ll also be nice to feel more and more movement.

: that cyst was a weird/scary thing to find out about until the doctor seemed so relaxed about it. Other than that we have a baby with a beautiful heart, a good brain, and all his/her limbs {with some crossed legs}. 

Also, I'm not enamored of the OB practice I'm currently at and I've been meaning to get myself into/over to a local birthing center. There's also a midwifery practice nearby so hopefully I'll be transitioning over to one of those two places soon. The current place is OK but it's almost factory-like; there are so many doctors and so many patients it just doesn't feel that personal. Plus I'm really dedicated to the idea of having a nurse-midwife throughout the rest of this pregnancy and delivery.

Sleep: good still.

Goals: get in some exercise?

Random: we won’t break 70 degrees in the next week and for the first time in my life I’m OK with that; as I had heard, pregnancy really does make me a bit warmer. It’s actually nice to enjoy the cooling weather. 

Also, we had such a great time with my dad visiting; thanks so much for trekking out here grandpa! It's crazy to think we'll see family once more before they have a new little one to dote on.
19 weeks.
My dad’s here this weekend; yippee!!!!!! And that brings me to 19 weeks too!
Yeah, that hair has got to go. But where to find the time...
How far along: 19 weeks

Symptoms: more movement {!!!}, smelling things a lot more {wasn’t this supposed to happen at the beginning?}, growing a bit more up top and in the bump, though it hasn’t “popped” yet {or at least I don’t think so}…

Wait gain: TBD in the morning; we had a big dinner tonight and I forgot to step on the scale this morning.

Size of baby: an heirloom tomato or a mango; what an interesting mix of fruits and vegetables this has been! Wouldn’t it be funny if they used inanimate objects instead; a stapler and 20 weeks, a car key at 12 weeks…

Exercise:  nada; does teaching high school count? Mental exercise?

Milestones: I’m still pretty excited about feeling this little thing bopping around in there.

What I miss: nada!

Gender: not yet!

Movement: yes. It’s intermittent and I can’t find a specific thing {sweets, lying down, etc.} that seems to really get him/her going.

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the sex in a matter of DAYS! And feeling stronger, more consistent movement.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: Not much of anything, I’ve been so busy with work there’s not much brain space left over.

Sleep: good, just not enough! And I’m loving my big pillow {see last week}.

Goals: get in some exercise?

Random: my baby’s amazing grandmother sent me some much needed, loved, and appreciated maternity tops. And a pair of the cutest shoes for little Melamed; thanks Kathy, we loved the gifts so so much

18 weeks.
In looking at these pictures, maybe it's time I get this hair taken car of? The blonde of yesteryear that grew out into an ombre is starting to look ready for a change.

But, here's to18 weeks!

Taken early this morning, my eyes are still puffy.
How far along: 18 weeks

Symptoms: not much new. My upper chest area is still quite sore and seeming to continue its growth pattern {yea!}. I am pretty positive that it’s a baby inside of me that I’m feeling flickering around and not just gas {SO exciting to me ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤}.

Wait gain: 139.

Size of baby: a bell pepper or a sweet potato!

Exercise:  nothing still. I’ve done a couple of walks with reason {to go somewhere or run an errand} and that’s been nice.
Milestones: Again, I’m pretty sure these flutters are the little blob…WOW!

What I miss: white wine again this week ;)

Sex: not yet!
Movement: I think so but only when I’m sitting or laying down.

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the gender in a week and a half.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: Same as last week, I’d love to have the ultrasound and be sure that things are going well in there.

Sleep: still good but tummy sleeping is getting a bit more uncomfortable.

Goals: get in more movement.

Random: a fairy godfriend sent me an AMAZING and thoughtful gift this week; “Belly Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy and…a pregnancy pillow!!!! It’s a huge snake-like thing and I tried it out last night; I love it. It curls up around me and I can slip it between my legs, which is great support. I’m a big pillow person anyway so this is especially special gift.
17 weeks.
This is last week's post from September 27th when I was 17 weeks along.
Mike is the best husband and loves me so sweetly but a good picture taker, he is not.
How far along: 17 weeks

Symptoms: this week I’ve been super emotional/teary {starting to cry at most anything}, tired {which is funny because I didn’t feel exceptionally tired at all during first trimester like they say you do}, and HUNGRY. 

I’ve also had some no-fun bouts of queasiness, especially in the mornings if I don’t eat enough. I had these weird electric shock feelings in my abdomen but nothing came of them. 

My bosom hurts still and is actually growing enough to warrant a new bra size; yippee! 

There might be a faint linea negra starting up, too.

Wait gain: 137; up 17 pounds from 120.

Size of baby: an onion or a turnip!

Exercise:  nothing still, though I walked around a track a bit while Mike was playing soccer. I’m feeling bad about it. But, I’m also exhausted after work and my feet hurt from being on them all day. I was better this week about leaving work earlier and having some more time at home in the evening so maybe after another week of getting home a bit earlier I’ll feel good and ready about getting out in the evenings for a stroll.

Milestones: I bought a new bra in a size up; that was a brand new experience.

What I miss: running fast. When I was walking around the track earlier in the week I was missing the feeling of sprinting around those curves so maybe I miss being in shape and running fast and strong. Soon enough.

Sex: not yet!

Movement: maybe? Only lying down in bed and only if I’m lying on my stomach, though, this is could be gas?

What I'm looking forward to
: finding out the gender next month and going to the birthing center for the first time this week.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I just wanna know everything is OK. I think that each time before an appointment comes I’ll feel concern and stress until I can hear that heartbeat.

New category! Sleep: I’m sleeping fine still but I'm starting to feel uncomfortable on my belly; almost like there’s a big bubble in there? Which I guess there is?

Goals: stay at work less, start to walk, eat enough veggies.

Random: I wanna know boy or girl!
 I had mentioned in the week before that I'd like to make a quilt for baby and then Rebecca up and showed us just how beautiful friendship is by making each of her five bridesmaids a quilt. Enough quilt to wrap up in on the couch. That girl.


16 weeks.
The week home with my new quilt brought me to 16 weeks on September 20th, 2013.

How far along: 16 weeks
Symptoms: queasy, tired, bosom hurts and is growing {totally growing [for me], like, woah!} {& getting lopsided :/}, and my upper back hurts {?!} {could it be from needing a better bra? I don’t think the change in size up there is that big of a deal but I’ve always been extremely petite so perhaps even this much of a change makes a difference}.

Wait gain: 136 this week, up one from last week. Not too shabby for the amount of eating that transpired over our weekend in Minnesota.

Size of baby: an avocado!

Exercise:  nothing still. I didn’t make/find anytime for walking and haven’t attempted a run yet. I am so tired by the end of the day and with my upper back hurting really badly all of a sudden it’s hard enough to make dinner and take a shower. Plus it’s 8 PM by the time those two things happen…

: I maybe felt a tiny flutter one or two nights while lying in bed but I don’t think it was baby. And we’ve officially said goodbye to our last summer as childless married folks. It’s funny the think of all of these “lasts” when the actual baby seems so far away.

What I miss: my back not hurting! But nothing much else this week beyond running. Mike has been getting in his runs and I feel so jealous when he gets home because that post-run feeling is like nothing else.

Sex: not yet!

Movement: not yet!

What I'm looking forward to
: finding out the gender next month.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: Why does my back hurt this way?

Goals: same as last week à start walking this week maybe get in a short run. Stay at work less and be at home to relax.

Random: I remembered that I’d like to get an actual paper/hard copy baby book. My mother-in-law and I saw some really cute ones at the National Archives gift shop this summer and I took pictures of them so I could maybe search and find the same ones online to choose from and order.
 xoxo, natty ♥


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