Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Light eating, grateful, and prepping.

In preparation for the big eating set for the latter part of the week we had soup and salad for dinner tonight.

Black bean/pumpkin soup with a butternut squash salad but soup and salad nonetheless.

As for being grateful, I'm awfully glad we're not traveling anywhere this week; it's so gross outside and even just driving a mile to pick up Mike earlier today took forever.

And prepping; I need to be on top of my game tomorrow and get as much ready/done for Thursday as I can. We're hosting and though people are bringing some dishes, "dinner" is earlier than I'm used to on this holiday {our plan is for 4}, and that means I have to be up and at em in the morning. Plus we have one oven and I need to bake/roast several things so there will be some juggling going on.

In all, I'm excited and looking forward to a cozy day inside tomorrow getting ready for Thanksgiving. 

xoxo, natty ♥


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