Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miles ahead!

We had a great overnight in Philadelphia.

Mike and I decided that we like the feel of Philadelphia. We stayed downtown {which has amazing murals everywhere!} but we also got to explore a few little residential pockets on our dinner excursion last night - we ended up in what was very obviously an Italian neighborhood  and had a great dinner {thanks Santucci's!}.

We went with friends; there were three of us not running and we has a great time cheering on everyone.There were tons {TONS} of happy spectators and lots of dogs too!

And we saw Robert Griffen III in our spectator route. 

We found all of our friends at miles 1, 5, and 13/26. The Philadelphia Marathon is a massive race {30,000 runners} so it was wonderful to be able to see our people. I also felt like it's one I would be willing to do; the course is relatively flat, the cheering was great, and Philadelphia seems like a great city.

I also started to feel really motivated for when I'm able to get back into running {next April/May hopefully}...there's nothing like being at a race to get me feeling that way.

After a delicious brunch we waited in the hotel for a bit while our bags were unearthed from the valet and found ourselves sitting across from the men's marathon winner {celebrity sighting #2!}; he looked as though he was in no pain {unlike the multitude of finishers around us} and very happy to be posing with people and his trophy; it was so cool!
A tired but fun car ride home later we are back in our place gearing up for this last week before a little Thanksgiving respite.
xoxo, natty ♥


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