Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh yeah, that one thing.

It's Monday so it's time to talk about stuff. 
Good stuff.

1} I had a work conference in Baltimore today and took the train; I love taking the train! It's so relaxing to not worry about anything for an hour and I feel virtuous about not driving. On a not so glorious note I have so much grading to do in the next day; blechhhhhhhh.

2} This guy  is loving on his newest chewie toy, Lizard.
What's great about Lizard is that he's tough to chew through, he has three squeakers inside of him, and each one is in its own compartment so it takes forever for the dog to get through all of them and lose interest in the toy.

3} My husband made dinner tonight; THANK YOU HUSBAND!

4} I've made a huge dent in Mt. Laundry that had been taking over our bedroom since our trip to Minnesota in September. Life as a full time student and teacher took us both by storm and we really let that one aspect of home-care slide. This shall not repeat itself.

5} This is something I've been meaning to record here for quite a while now; I'm in family way. {& I also love awkward pregnancy euphemisms}. Mikey and I are expecting our first little one {besides Guinness} in early March. Everything has been good and healthy so far for which we're very grateful. 

I've been keeping weekly updates for my family and since this here blog is where/how I'm trying to remember the rhythm of our days I'll start posting those updates here tomorrow {I'll do several each day for the rest of the week to get caught up to where I'm currently at [22 weeks]} and I try to post anew on Fridays. To reiterate, we're feeling extremely happy and grateful for this big change that's coming up. ♥ Yippee skippee!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

xoxo, natty ♥


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