Monday, August 1, 2011

Algunas fotos...

This is a long one, folks, brace yourselves. Also, I've already posted today but I want to put up some pictures of where I'm at; it's so beautiful and I don't want to forget AND I don't want to wait until the end and have loads and loads to deal with. So just deal with it ;)
This is our school from the outside

and it has many of these beautiful murals all over it...though I hope I don't encounter one of these guys!
This is part of our patio {which is sizable, imagine this times many};
the mister had these hammocks when he was in Peace Corps in El Salvador and I just about lived in one each time I visited. The key element is the woven nature of the hammock which allows air to circulate all around {necessary in a hot & humid climate}.
This is the kicker...
the view from the school...that's the Pacific y'all! How distracting! It's a good thing the kiddos are taking classes and not I.
One side of our beach and then the other.
This was all yesterday, after we got here. The today pictures are a bit sunnier since the afternoon rains had just happened yesterday and it was still cloudy {but gorgeous}.
This is on the side of the road, just by the sand

courtesy of a local school, as was this thing 

which is: awesome.
This store is called Dragonfly and is artisan and tourist stuff...a bit indicative of the laid back & beachy/arty atmosphere here {there's a lot of "Rasta" inspired stuff here}.

They do henna tatoos here too!

As well as "found-art" {that's what I call it, at least, I'm not sure of the actual term for this stuff...if there is any}
that utilizes the results of Barbies coming here to die.

This is just a main road...

showing that this isn't too big of a town {yay!}.
This is our home for the week. 
My coworker and I are in kind of a hostel situation...we have a hostess who cooks for us but we're the only guests for now; our charges are actually staying with families, which is great for them for the culture and language immersion aspect.
I found this guy outside of our gate this morning.

He's got many legs and isn't easy to see, but I wanted to grab a shot of I did!
Then I walked about 5 minutes down this

path to the water and our school.
We walked the beach later

which I enjoyed, obviously!
As did these dogs...

I couldn't stop cracking up at them just laying/sitting in the surf.
Then, they eyed us ogling them and followed for a while.
Finally {if you're still here you're quite patient!}, I took this of a sign on the road to the school...

I'd like to blow it up and put it on the garbage can in my classroom!
The money shot to end the post.
Hammer-head sharks scare me!!!

I'm so happy to be in Costa Rica...¡pura vida {that's for you Eddie!}!
xoxo, natty ♥


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