Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer traditions.

Today I completed a couple of summer traditions.
I ate marionberry cobbler from Ikeda's in Auburn, CA.

I always stop at Ikeda's on my way to Lake Tahoe and since I usually go to Tahoe every summer, this cobbler is one of my summer traditions. This summer, though, I didn't go. With the Costa Rica trip I went on and some other stuff I needed to take care of, it just wasn't in the cards for me {sad face} to make the trip while the rest of my family has been up for two weeks now. My uncle came home today, though, and I put in a request for the cobbler. I prefer the cobbler to the pie, I would lay down under the house {maybe} for an hour to have some of this crumbly and sugary topping. 

The marionberry is delicious too.
My second tradition was to catch up with an amazing friend; Rebecca came to visit! It's not always the same friend every summer, but I always try to see people I don't get to be with enough when school takes over my life. If only Ellie & Emily were here...Becs and I are having a catch-up-hang-out weekend before the wedding craziness. She kindly helped me with some wedding stuff today and tomorrow we'll go into the big city to do a run and have a little times!
I also did something not-so-traditional, thank goodness. I went out to put our tri-tip on the grill. I sometimes worry about cross-contamination so I stuck the tips of the BBQ tools on the grill so that anything raw would burn off while I went inside to get something. Half an hour later when I came out, the plastic from the handles on the tools had heated up and melted, rendering our tongs and spatula useless.

Again, hopefully this won't be a summer tradition. 
Becs and I also tried to go for a walk with the dogs. One of the kitties {there are two around these parts} has been very attached to me of late. When we got around the corner, we noticed that Flora was following us. She does this from time-to-time and stops at the corner; she has never gone further than this so we kept going. Flora ended up crossing the street with us and made it to the next corner, so I ordered us to go back- I was nervous that she was too far away from home {= I'm pathetic}!
That's all for now. I've had a FABULOUS weekend so far, starting with our lovely date night on Friday ♥ and being able to hang out with a great friend who I don't get to see often enough...happy Saturday y'all!
xoxo, natty ♥


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