Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rarefied air/The View up Here.

My nearly-in-laws stayed at a downtown hotel this past weekend. Our downtown is not as urban as other big cities; it doesn't have quite the same bustle as, say, San Francisco, but it certainly does feel like a city center. We even have tall buildings y'all! The buildings can't be super-dee-dooper tall, though, since we also have an airport. Mikey's folks were at the top of this hotel...the TWENTIETH floor, which is big-time for our burg.
We hung out at the hotel talkind wedding logistics and seating chart stuff {fun times, USA!} on Saturday while I took a nap on the love seat {I really am sorry, I was just so tired :(}.To keep us company and because he makes us laugh, we snuck in the hound.
He had a good time sniffing around; I tried not to think too hard about what he might be sensing with his olfactory system {I get a bit squeamish if I over-think certain things; hotels bedding, sitting in a confined space 38,000 {that's THOUSAND}feet in the air and Carrot Top top off the list.}.
We actually napped on the love seat.
Guinness kept trying to look out the window {when he wasn't dozing}.
I suppose I'm ridiculous when I'm more interested in how cute I think the dog is looking out the window than how pretty of a view we had...
and subsequently take more pictures of the pooch than of the scenery {which was pretty dang cool, 20 feet up in the air [it's "ok" when you're in a building, it's the hanging in an airplane thing that gets to me]}.
Every once and a while the doggy would perk up, like he saw something really interesting out the window.
I wonder if animals/dogs get the height thing when they're inside like this; it very well could just be a picture on a screen and Guinness definitely could not care any less than he does about those.
I truly am curious, though, to know what he could have been thinking...maybe {probably?} not too much beyond what his next snack would be.
It's late and tomorrow is the first day of classes and I ask myself as I do every year at this point, how did we get back here? There must be a good reason :)
xoxo, natty ♥
My usual 'puter is suffering from router-itis and this one isn't good about if the pictures are looking ug-lay, please excuse it.


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