Monday, August 15, 2011

Marvelous Monday.

I'm pooped from our fun weekend so there's not much more I'm going to say beyond the fab five today.

1) We {me & Becs; me, Becs & Mike; me, Becs, Mike & Eddie} had such a fun time together the past three days!
2) School's starting soon; this is kind of a thorns & roses sort of marvelous since it means the end of my life until May 2012 but it also means having a life and routine outside of the home, which is always a good thing.
3) We're getting married in 19 {eek!} days ♥
4) I'm getting back on track with my running this week too; Pura Vida and recovery took a two week chunk out of training which I am "ok" with {it was needed} but it's time to go back.
5) The days are beautiful, sunny and not too warm which I need to finally admit is a good thing.

What's marvelous about your Monday? What are you grateful for today and this week?
Here's to a great day!
xoxo, natty ♥


Laurenita said...

I'm grateful for my little baby boy and that I'm not returning to work in 2 days! Sorry :) I will visit!

Nathalia said...

haha I was thinking of your family of THREE recently and how I'd like to get a look at that little guy =) I'm grateful for him too!

Laurenita said...

Hoping to make Fridays BBQ -will you be there? Otherwise I'm sure to visit other times too :)

Nathalia said...

I will be at the BBQ; we both know my address for the next 10 months or so ;) PS Thought of and missed you at retreat today!

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