Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super randomness.

I fully realize that my blog lacks direction at times; that's what I love about it...I can write about whatever I want and don't need to put in so much effort as to have a thesis for each entry {others might not approve, but at the end of the day it is my blog}. In that vein and because my brain is fried after a day of not lounging and wedding planning, today's post is riz-an-dumb; to the point of using bullets to keep the different threads separate {you.are.welcome}:
* I just finished watching one of the best Seinfeld episodes, "The Dealership" {1998}.
* I'm currently parked in front of a Law & Order SVU from 2004...just another Wednesday night.
* We had our community retreat at work today. This is traditionally the first day back for lots of us and for that, I am grateful. As a former student of my school, I am and have always been accustomed to retreat culture {guided meditation, group work, candle-lighting, etc.} so that's cool for Ms. Natty. What really tickles me, though, is easing back to work. We have a day to schmooze and catch up before the workshops and meetings start; how great is that? Super great, in my opinion.
            - Today's retreat was focused on our actual physical neighborhood, which is different from years past, and we each chose an "experience". I opted for the city hall tour and we got to meet with a representative from the city council member for the district that our school is in; this was so cool! She was able to answer all sorts of questions about San Jose in general and the downtown area which was music to my nerdy-I-love-local-information/history ears.
            - It was a great day; I really enjoyed laughing and spending relaxed time with the people I spend the majority of my time with...they are really awesome folks. As an aside that I think is funny; I spend much more time {and in closer quarters} with my coworkers than with family or friends. Then we just leave each other for vacations and holidays...I fully realize that coworkers are not the same as family but that's so much time! This is going no where, in case you're curious, I just find this interesting.
* My friend Camille and I went to Rancho to run this afternoon. It was beautiful and lovely-smelling, just like it always is. We ran our four miles and got in the car to go home. Despite access to the carpool lane, it took us over an hour to get home when it's normally a 15 minute drive. By the time I got home I was positively STARVED. 
            - I am not a huge snacker. I'll usually have something in the morning at school between breakfast and lunch to keep me from fainting, but I generally don't have much after lunch and before dinner. I also really enjoy being hungry for dinner {I LOVE food}. Sometimes, though, I get really really hungry before dinner and would rather wait until I eat the meal rather than snack so that I can really enjoy my food; tonight was one of those times. 
Since Mr. Mikey has soccer on Wednesdays I'm on my own for dinner and I had set my heart on a Whole Foods burrito. In an effort to be an authentic Mexican enjoyer, at taquerías I stick with tacos and won't go for the guacamole and sour cream laden dishes. At big sit down Mexican restaurants I feel "ok" getting those things and at Whole Foods too. I may be neurotic. Anyway, their burritos make my soul happy because I can forgo the beans and rice and glob on the other stuff. Don't get me wrong, there's some carne asada and pico de gallo in there, cheese too {I do get my protein}. Anyway, my eyes were on this prize tonight.
Several of the nastiest stop lights in our neighborhood lay between me and Whole Paycheck and I SWEAR I hit every one of them. I made it eventually, and it was glorious. This guy even watched me the whole time I ate.
While I ate I was horizontal on the couch {ah, my lover} with a heating pad up against my right shoulder blade. I get this dreadful neck/shoulder crick every once and a while and nothing but a heating pad and some ibuprofen {or some Sauvignon Blanc and a burrito} can make it better.
* That last bullet point was way too long and detailed; if you read it all, I love you forever; if not, I don't blame you at all {and still ♥ you}.
* Becs forgot these in our pantry

and I could eat them or wait until she comes here in two weeks to give them to her.
* I can't believe my summer is over. It's definitely a...transition to go from what my days were like to full days, though it's a blessing that I have a week before the actual teaching starts.
* That's all folks, happy Wednesday for you!
xoxo, natty ♥


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