Friday, August 5, 2011

Police Blotter & lots of fotos.

I have some fun animal pictures to put up and a quick update of our day yesterday, but as I was checking the Mercury News website, as I do even when on vaycay {I can unplug myself whenever I want, even at home, so I have no qualms with staying connected thousands of miles away if I'd like to...or, since I'm even mentioning it, do I? Oh well...anyway.} As I do every once and a while I checked out the Police Blotter this morning.
Having to report something to the police can be traumatic and I'm not making light of the serious offenses posted, but since I try to find humor in things, there are always some listings on the blotter that strike me as notable. It sometimes seems like they're fake. For example: 
Why go in to steal beer more than once at the same place? What can you possible do with a surveillance camera and a fire extinguisher?
What specifically constitutes a "road rage incident"? How is a pole run down? What type of pole; telephone? How did the woman in the police station get a call about her stolen phone? Did the assailants know that she was at the station? How would they know that?

"Prowlers" makes me think of raccoons...and a foot chase? Boys...I'm assuming.

There's not much to say about this one, I think it speaks for itself. However...the nerve of some people; a collie?!

On a more relevant note, this guy

showed up on the cables outside of our home two days ago.

He certainly wasn't shy about sharing his...ahem business with us.
Also, since the other shots weren't close up

here's a view of one of the little crustaceans. 
As well as our intrepid

kayaking guides. ¡Muchas gracias hombres por no dejarnos en el agua!
A group 
that came to Costa Rica.
The pavilion at our school...

and the view from the sand...perfection.

that are on our walk from home to school.
Not to forget my favorite part of the day...

when the dogs roam around like they own the place.
The silver guy kept leaning up against me and the other dude was happy gnawing on his stick.
I'm super red from the sun and salt and shiny from the humidity.

Happy beach dogs ♥.
I've said it already this week but if you're still here at this point in the post, you're quite a dear and patient reader. Today we're going on a nature hike and I'll be the happiest girl on the island if I see a sloth. Tomorrow we're going zip-lining and I'll probably be the most nervous girl on the island, but I'm determined!
Happy Friday y ¡pura vida!
xoxo, natty ♥


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