Monday, August 29, 2011


This morning I slogged through a long run with the mr {13 miles}. I seriously failed myself and my training plan this week by not running at all. I justified it all since it was the first week of classes and I'm trying to get slightly ahead for the days I'm taking off this upcoming week {due to pre-wedding activities}; I was putting in 12-hour days...that's a lot, right?? {Say "yes".} I should not have let myself justify. Anyway, there's nothing better to jump-start or revive training than getting in a good double-digit jaunt. It was tiring, though, I won't lie, and it was hot, which is "ok" by me but does make things harder. We treated ourselves to Jamba Juice afterward, though, and then all difficulty was forgotten.
Mikey and I also had our engagement photo shoot today. ♥! I had never thought a photo shoot was something worth our time/cash but I have obviously since changed my thoughts and convinced my man as such. I'm a convert, actually, and am already envisioning family pictures every year when those future little ones of ours come along {we're sooo future Awkward Family Photo candidates, in case you hadn't figured already}.
I had it in my mind that a natural back ground with some sort of old barn or ranch home is exactly what makes engagement shots desirable to me, so up to Grant Ranch in the San Jose foothills we trekked. 
I think that this place is super-awesome. It has an amazing view of San Jose that even spans to the Bay. Camping is an option here, affordably so considering it's $12 a night on the off season {which, here, doesn't even involve snow...that ain't no thang people!}. 
We romped a bit around the old ranch house, which I loved. It included an old-fashioned rose garden...le sigh.
We changed outfits once which we both thought was funny since we're not really into "wardrobing". It was great though. Our photographer is super sweet {and expecting a wee one...♥} and even let us incorporate our worthless hound into the mix.
Excited on the way up...
Tired, panting AND goofy-looking on the way home.
We had a wonderful time and I am really looking forward to seeing how the pictures came out. A week before the wedding might be a bit late for an engagement session, but we are still technically engaged so it's legitimate haha...
Anyway, I snapped some tacky-from-the-car pictures of the scenery on the way up. I couldn't help myself even though I well knew and know that nothing but professional shots can truly communicate the beauty of our bay area hills at sunset.
The brown hills and Oak trees are one of my favorite sights of California...such an amazing place to live.
Foggy/smoggy valley.
Blurry sunset.
Dashboard sunset.
Many shots were blurry at points since we were moving at around 30 mph; I find it artistic.

I'm also including some shots of that crazy pooch from the other night. He had hunkered down on the couch under some blankets, presumably for the evening. Someone came in the kitchen door, though, which is his cue to run as fast as he can {not that fast} to check out who exactly has come in the house. I had been in another room and came into the kitchen to greet my uncle {the evening's guest} and I found this.

The blanket had wrapped itself around Mr. Guinness quite well and he just couldn't shake it. Thus is the life of a ten-inch tall dachshund with stringy fur and a wagging tail.
We had a good and busy weekend. Not as much was completed as had been planned and listed but we did get a good amount of stuff done and it's just crizz-ay-zee that we have finished our last weekend as an un-married couple; like, woah man!!!!
Here's to wedding week...cheers, y'all!
xoxo, natty ♥


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