Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love affair.

Today I'm indulging in an affair of mine, one that has deep roots and a long history. It's with the couch. I officially go back to work tomorrow and start forming the minds of youth next week. I love having a job and the actual teaching, well, that deserves its' own post for sure. I love going back to civilization and having some sort of order to my days after weeks of bliss not doing too much. Today, though, I need to vegetate because this won't happen for a while. Breaks during the school year are fabulous but there's always grading that is in the back of my mind. I'm sure that if I were officially a non-worker that I would impose a firmer schedule to my days but the summer days of this teacher are blissfully un-structured thankyouverymuch. I'll miss the long hours of sunshine and warmth, too.
Despite the goodness of work, I still mourn at the end of the summer. My mourning, today, takes me horizontal and to the couch. To be completely honest, though, I do have some things {ok, maybe lots of things} to do before bed tonight and this lounging is probably limited to this post and poking around on the internet for a bit more afterward, but if I wanted to, really really made a stink about it, on this couch I could stay; that's the beauty of summer vacation.
Anyway, how do you react to going back to work after time off? Is it a joyous reunion or a crabby forced return? A bit of both, mayhaps?
I end this, though, with gratitude for my job {any job, really}; please don't think otherwise. I am super lucky to have steady work in a very supportive community that happens to be working with teenagers = there is never a dull day.
xoxo, natty ♥


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