Monday, August 1, 2011

Marvelous Monday; travel edition.

Why getting out into this big old world is a great thing, by Nathalia.
2) Local's very nice to be able to meet new people, especially when they're different than I am, and traveling doesn't always afford this option. When it has been available to me, though, I've made warm connections and found common ground despite great geographical {& other} differences.
3) New experiences. I've heard that couples bond when they do something new and different together. That being said, something good must happen to an individual when they do something new and different too, right?
4) History. I've mentioned before that I can kind of geek out when it comes to history. I'm not a thesis writing history buff type of person, I just love little facts about places and people. Visiting a new place gives me a chance to learn new things about that place and this usually happens via museums which takes me to point...
5) museums. This connects to #4. When we went to Maui last December we went to the whaler's museum which was a tiny one roomed museum in a shopping mall. I loved it. Actually, the subject matter was pretty gruesome, but I loved picking up some new trivia and understanding more about the culture. Big and small, museums make me happy and I see nothing wrong spending a day indoors when it's in pursuit of knowledge, especially when I can't get that knowledge at home.
 Don't get me wrong about one thing though, I ALWAYS appreciate a good sandy area in front of some water {preferably luke warm and without things that sting or bite me}...but there are so many other cool aspects of jet-setting I thought I'd extract a few of my favorites.
There you have it. This post was also done ahead of time {like yesterday's} since I'm not sure about intertube access here in C.R....we'll find out by tomorrow for sure!
Bee-tee-dubs...goodness gracious I made it through two months of this daily posting bizz-nass...woot to me! I sure hope I can keep it up through August which is going to be challenging {out of town the first week, school starts, wedding preparation goes into hyper-overdrive...} but let's go for it, shall we?!
What's marvelous about your Monday? What are your favorite things about traveling?
xoxo, natty ♥


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