Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs.

Today, I worked on some wedding crafting. Evidence:
I'm loving the DIY but also really hoping that it looks charming rather than amateur.
Some more randoms:
* the mr took me on a date night tonight {cue: "awwwwwwww" [at least in my mind]}...
That dog's always trying to get into pictures...

it was in the big people's city {like, "grown ups", not as though we're lilliputian folk and others are gargantuan} 
Pretty {& chilly} fog and skyline.
and he didn't tell me what the date was {he does this from time-to-time, the stinker [though I would be sad if he stopped with the mystery dates, don't get me wrong (it is also how he proposed to me ♥)]} so, naturally, I guessed all day today starting after he came home from work. When we had officially made it to the San Francisco city limits and had reached some traffic I randomly came up with "cooking lessons". Mike looked away from me and then said, sadly, "yes, that's it". I stopped guessing and gloated over my ability to predict...things. In the 20 minutes or so it took us to arrive to our neighborhood {Potrero Hill} I started fantasizing of the different stuff we might be cooking, the wine pairings and the cuteness of it all; what a GREAT spontaneous date night! 
We arrived, parked, walked through a local Whole Foods since we were early and then walked into lessons. HE GOT ME. Mike told me that once I started on the "lesson" guesses he had to throw me off my track and that the only way was admitting defeat. Dance lessons were my birthday present from him in 2009 but didn't materialize until tonight. My sweetheart called ahead to this dance co-operative place to book us an hour of lessons. The lesson was tailored to our "first dance", no less. How dare he? He dare{d}! I swooned and fell in love all over again x 20. Then I about lurched back through the door when I actually realized what was happening. I can fake a salsa any old day, as long as I'm the solo dancer. Put me with a partner or give me specific moves to follow, though, and I am two left feet. Alone, I am ch-cha-ing all over the place. As a couple, on the floor, I will fall/fail. Michael was feeling the same apprehension, even though the whole shebang was his idea. 
I'll keep our song a secret until after September the third, but I can tell you this much: tonight, we had a blast! 
It was so much better than either of us thought {though Mr. Mike sure had more time to mull over it all than I did!}! We learned some good solid steps and will hopefully practice in the next few weeks and maybe even go up for another hour with our patient and enthusiastic instructor...thank you so much Mike for a GREAT date-night-with-a-purpose! It didn't hurt that we enjoyed a yum-o-licious Turkish dinner afterward in the same burg.
* we tried to go see a friend of mine DJ  in downtown San Jose on our way home = we are AARP-er yuppies in the bodies of 27-year-olds who are sensitive to sound; CAN THIS EVEN HAPPEN?
* I have this thing about hair-heat products; when I curl or straighten my hair I MUST be present for the cooling-down of the device. If I have to leave the house before the thing can cool then I leave it on the tile floor of the bathroom, far from anything that could possibly catch fire. Is there anyone else out there in the world that harbors this same paranoia??
* Rebecca's coming here tomorrow!!
* this was an accidental shot but is sweet and artistic {though out of focus} to me: 
* I'm comfortably wearing a sweater and leggings right now. It's August 12th{-13th ish}. This bothers should be sweltering, just the way I like it {though, alas, this never really happens here} but I shouldn't complain...{famous last words}.
* despite the above comment, I'm writing this at the kitchen table next to the open door and the night air smells soooo lovely, as good and fresh as the night air feels. 
* I'm late for bed. School starts soon and I need to get myself onto a good sleep can and will be done!
* I think we're going to attempt an Alaskan honeymoon/road trip summer of 2012. Young House Love did it first, but we'll do it our own way, by golly. Mike and I talked about this cool would that be? So cool {hopefully not literally, though, since it would be summer [and we'd get to enjoy/experience SO MUCH "day"time!]}! 
* the night air just got a bit too brisk- I closed the door.
* for your daily dose of sheepish, guilty & hairy dog {and dingy floor}: 

* yikees schnikees! This is a race against the clock to get this posted before the witching hour strikes!
* that's all folks, happy weekend!
xoxo, natty ♥


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