Monday, August 22, 2011

Marvelous Monday; back-to-school edition .

This is a kind of back-to-school edition, actually, since there are a couple of things going on that aren't school {work} related.

1. I'm getting married {see THIS post} in 12 days! I can almost spell out the number rather than write it out. Also, I can almost look up the weather for the day...♥
2. I had a lovely bridal shower yesterday; I loved it...
{Lots of love in this post, huh? "Get used to it for now" is what I say, I guess, considering what's going on in this blogger's life these days...a.k.a. please bear with me ☺}
3. My life has an order to it now {as in, there is a place I need to be at a certain time Monday through Friday...go figure} after summer lazy days {where the only place I needed to be was le couch} feels good to have a purpose again.
4. New school supplies {for me, pretty dry-erase pens and lively-colored grading tools [red is so last year]}!
5. I get a pretty, brand-new, shiny, sparkly and, as-of-yet, unused school year. This blank slate is the best part of the ebb and flow that is the life of a teacher {other than the school supplies; see above}. No matter how beat down I felt in May and June, August and September give me the chance to start over. I can always improve {ALWAYS} and this is the easiest time to begin with those changes and continue with the momentum of the beginning of the school year since it's exactly that, a beginning, a start, fresh, new...I am truly grateful for a fresh start, this year and every year.
Ready to learn and draw on the first day of first grade; also, deep into my "I hate socks" period.

What are you grateful for this Monday? What do you remember liking/loving about the beginning of the school year? If you're lucky enough to work in education, what do you like/love about this time of year?
xoxo, natty ♥
I'll try to get shower {and Alternate Bachelor Party ["what's that?" you might ask...wait and ye shall find out...tomorrow or Wednesday]} pictures up this week...again, it was so lovely, especially having my almost mother-in-law there...thanks Kathy!


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