Wednesday, June 22, 2011

At the drive-in.

Last night Mike and I {& the dog!} loaded up the car, grabbed some take-out and headed to the drive-in to catch the Hangover part deux. I had a blast. For those of you in the area, this is such a good deal! Normally it's like $6/adult but on Tuesdays it's less than $5. They tell you the radio station to tune-into {there's no shell like in the Flintstones :(} and which screen to go to. There actually is a lobby/snack area, but you can bring what ever you want in your car, so we had burritos! We backed in the car and opened the trunk {we have an suv thing} and settled into the couch cushions we brought {class, all the way}; it was fabulous and a great way to spend a hot night.
In line waiting to get in.
Screens waiting for darker skies.
The movie was as it should be, raunchy and laugh-worthy, and the chocolate chip cookies I stashed in the back were delicious too.
Some randomness, Wednesday style:
• Today I'm taking a running day off, I do one a week {at least!} so hopefully I can get other stuff done. 
• The kitchen continues it's transformation, though it will be at least a week until we can get back in there and stop eating out. I guess we could be really creative about grilling and rinsing stuff off in the bathroom sink (or the shower like Cosmo Kramer), but with the heat and everything piled under tarps and not where it normally is, it's just hard.
• I think my aunt and I may go to the mall today, sweet suburban comfort.
Happy middle of the week!
xoxo, natty ♥


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