Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pretty flowers, patriotic toes and king of the mountain easy chair

I had brunch this morning with a good friend in the Big City. After driving home in a warm car (our Big City is notoriously foggy/cold in the summer all the time so I was enjoying the ambient warmth of my car) with delicious noms in my tummy I am sleepy. As a prelude to a nap, I'm blogging.
I snapped some shots of the flowers in our driveway.
These are trumpet flowers; that's what I call them because they look like these:

Note the resemblance. Photo courtesy of here.
They are night bloomers and smell beautiful in the evenings.

They flower several times throughout spring/summer/fall so we get to enjoy them lots.
I don't have a name for these.
They're just pretty.

Yesterday a different friend (see: first paragraph above) and I got pedicures since we hadn't seen each other in a while and that's what you do upon reuniting.
I had patriotic nail stickers and asked my nail lady to add them to my toes. I like to add flair to myself, especially holiday flair. Don't mind the freaky-deaky sandal marks on my feet. Also, don't mind the feet pictures. I'll never do it again, I promise {I might be crossing my fingers as I write this!}.
On second thought, as I just looked at the pictures on photobucket, I rescind the pictures without ever even putting them up. Some things I shouldn't post, I realize. You're welcome.
We have two smallish dog beds for our hound. They sit next to each other in our family room. One usually has some toys in it while the pooch will laze in the other. A cat will sleep in one at night too. While cleaning was happening yesterday both beds were stacked onto a chair we have and when I looked over at one point, I saw this:
Let me give you a better angle.
I hate (kind of) that I'm one of those pet picture takers, but he's just so ridiculous to me, I need and must document it.
xoxo, natty ♥


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